Poetry Journal

07/17/25: Zach Attack

Looking back at us, I reflect,

On the relationship, my choices, I have no regrets,

I tried to build something good you just wanted to wreck,

Because you can’t function in a healthy aspect,

Everything you said, I had to dissect,

Because you have issues with direct dialect,

When we were together, my time you did not respect,

All you wanted to do was get high and have sex,

Wishing to be something more than an object,

I confronted you on this disrespect that I object,

And instead of an apology, I get attacked,

Making me wonder what I did to deserve all that,
Blaming me for the problems you pack,

Every question I asked you would only deflect,

And you couldn’t admit fault, always had to be correct,

You fear being wrong, of being a reject,

But this edgy douche bag persona that you project,

Is to guard your wounded soul that you wish to protect,

Because really it’s the self-esteem you lack,

Possible Borderline Personality Disorder from what I suspect,

You have the whole, “I hate you-don’t leave me” thing down pat,

For the kindness I gave, cruelty you spat,

For a while, your sadness, anger, and pain I would inject,

But I realized your toxic to me, I have more self-respect,

I am going to be your punching bag when you get upset,

And you are not going to be my fixer-up project.



06/19/15: Narcissist

Hoping to feed that emptiness inside,

You fatten your ego with vanity and pride.


06/10/15: Burn Baby Burn

Attempting to scorch me,

Your flame does not burn,

For I have already lit myself on fire,

And like the Phoenix,

Risen from my ashes,

Ready to set the world ablaze.


06/03/15: Guarded

I build these walls up around my heart,

Leaving only a hidden door

For the few who have entered it before.


05/12/15: Nostalgia

Looking back at the years,

Brings me smiles,

Brings me tears.


05/24/15: Down this Rocky Road

I should of seen the warning signs,

Of the danger ahead,

But I was a tourist enjoying the view instead.


05/10/15: How much can I handle?

I rub salt into my emotional wounds,

Not because I like the pain,

But to see how much I can handle.


05/04/15: Save our Planet

Not thinking of Mother Earth,

You aid in her demise,

Watch your home wither away,

Before your very eyes.


04/25/15: BPD

You lack consistency,

Struggling to find your identity,

You seek out attention,

In hopes of internal redemption,

How unhappy you must be.

With too much pride,

You seek happiness on the outside,

When only you hold that key.


04/25/15: Holding on to a Memory

Kissing your lips,

Being caught in your embrace,

But when I open my eyes,

I don’t see your face.


03/30/15: Sensitive Soul

I am made in such a way,

That I shed tears to the beauty of a flower,

Sensitivity is not my curse,

But to feel so intensely is my power.


03/19/15: Greetings

“How are you?”

A simple question we hear everyday,

But instead of saying how we feel,

We lie and reply, “okay”.


03/18/15: What to write

An empty page,

A million thoughts,

Writer’s Block.


03/14/15: Talk

To terrified to speak the truth,

A timid tongue hides behind teeth,

Tempted time after time,

But too tense to talk.


03/04/15 :Questions

I am not afraid to ask you questions that make you think deep and peer at what’s inside,

But you maybe scared of what you find so instead you avoid the answers and try to hide.


02/06/15: A Flavorful Pair

We are like mango and chili,

An odd combo to be,

But spicy and sweet,

make for a tasty treat.


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