The Meaning behind the Name

A name should have meaning behind it. It is apart of you, and reflects who you are. Marissa, the name given to me at my birth, is from latin origin meaning from the sea. I see this aspect of myself from my love of water at an early age, to my sensitive nature, as such water signs are.

Everything has meaning, and the name I chose for my blog is full of my essence. Tortuga de Lune. My name has nothing to do with what I blog about or take photos of, but at the same time, it has everything to do with me. Tortuga, is Spanish for turtle, and Lune is French for moon. Culture has always been an interest of mine, and I wish to explore and travel the world, embracing and learning more about different ways of life. The turtle is one of my spirit guides. It represents groundedness, strength and perseverance. It also ties to the Earth element, and that is the element I am under (Virgo). I am very connected to the earth. I am also equally connected to the moon. Call me a lunatic (pun intended). The moon symbolizes intuitiveness and your emotions. It is also connected to the Water element. As my sun sign is an earth element, my moon sign (Scorpio) is water. Being in tune with my emotions and feelings, as well as being grounded like the turtle, I am Tortuga de Lune.


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