My Journey

A little bit about me, I am a 23 year-old currently living in a suburb of Chicago. Tortuga de Lune- Body Mind Soul is my personal blog which focuses on transformations and how we can achieve health and harmony through simplistic natural living, a positive mindset, and a connectiveness through spirituality. My journey to health and harmony has been one of transformations, and in order for you to better understand how a young adult can talk about these topics, I invite you to listen to my story…


Transformation of the Mind-To Hell and Back

This blog actually started off as a recovery blog, sharing my personal experiences and how to help others in their own stories of recovery through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. By no means am I a licensed psychologist, but through my years of experience and an innate understanding of psychology and the human psyche, I have gained tools to help with mental disorders.

Growing up, I have always battled with anxiety an depression. I was self-conscious in my youth and felt I needed to act a certain way in order to “fit in”. Over-analyzing myself in such critical ways, my self-esteem started to slip, and when I went off to college, my insecurities manifested into an eating disorder, a physical and mental disease that is an addiction. For over two years of my life, I battled this screaming voice inside my head everyday, telling me I wasn’t good enough, that I was worthless, shattering myself piece by piece until I was an empty shell of a former person. This was my own personal Hell. I soon realized that I needed help and through support groups, specialists, and my loved ones, I was able to overcome this disease, not letting this personal struggle and triumph be the foundation for the next, new chapter of my life. I was unhappy for the majority of my life up until that point, and hitting rock bottom through the form of an eating disorder was my opportunity to transform my life into the life I deserved-one of happiness and inner peace.

Transformation of the Soul-Awakening my Consciousness

During my recovery, I also did much self-discovery. I had torn myself down so much through my eating disorder, that I had forgotten who I was-what made me special-my likes and dislikes.

One of my former interests was healing crystals. There is a local shop near my hometown that I would go to in high school. They sold healing crystals and energy-based tools such as pendulums and smudge sticks, an having multiple inner and outer troubles at this time, I could use all the help I could get.

Rediscovering that interest, I started up my practice of using the energies of the stones to help me with this new chapter in my life. The universe had bigger plans in store for me, because I ended up getting a job at that same crystal shop I had went to back in high school. Through working there, I learned about energy and the metaphysical,which I incorporated in my journey of self-healing and discovery. I became open to these practices, starting working through my life lessons, and started my ascension towards consciousness. Then this past summer, I became physically sick, which can happen when your vibrations get raised. My soul became “awakened”. I felt at peace and harmonious within myself. My former worries and troubles seemed to vanish and I started noticing the connections all around me.

Transformation of the Body-Connecting to Nature

My body has been changing throughout this whole transformation process. Beginning my journey through the life lesson of an eating disorder, I began to treat and love my body instead of depriving it and poking at my flaws. Instead of a love/hate relationship that I had in the past with food, I incorporated healthy wholesome and natural foods that gave back to my body while not sacrificing my taste buds (I am a foodie after all).

I also started being active through ways that I enjoyed, rather than turning into a gym rat running on a treadmill. Yoga and being active in nature are ways that not only do I get exercise, but these activities increase my overall happiness and peace.

Being in nature has also made me rediscover my love for the environment. Growing up, every summer my family and I would go camping up in Wisconsin. Being surrounded by the trees and wildlife made me happy and I was filled with such a sense of awe. I remember playing in the woods, pretending I was a forest fairy, or climbing a tree to see the world in a new perspective. This part of me was lost during my middle and high school years, where I was much more focused on fitting in by going to the mall that finding peace and solitude within the woods. Mother Nature has given me a strong sense of peace an oneness. Through living a natural life, I am giving back to her.

Being environmentally aware, I also made the switch to Veganism. I saw the environmental damage animal agriculture is causing to the destruction of the planet, through the deforestation for cattle grazing, the amount of methane caused by livestock, and the gallons of water wasted in the production of meat. I learned about the health problems that are associated with eating meat and realized it isn’t just to kill another living being for the sake of a meal. Now, I love experimenting in the kitchen with cruelty-free, plant based meals that even non vegans will enjoy!

Tortuga de Lune-The Meaning Behind the Name

Realizing that everything in life has a reason, my blog name should be no different. Brining my passion for culture into my name, Tortuga de Lune combines the Spanish word for Turtle and the French word for Moon. The turtle is my root chakra animal, symbolizing determination and strength. This journey started with my determination and strength to fight and beat a mental illness. Perseverance is what the turtle reminds me to keep doing. The moon represents the feminine energies, intuition, and emotions. I am an empath, picking up on others emotions. I kept getting overwhelmed by other people’s )and my own) negative emotions, that I shut myself off completely so I wouldn’t have to feel them. Trouble was that I shut myself off of the good feelings as well. My emotions and feelings are something that is apart of me, and the moon is a reminder to honor my feelings and listen to my intuition.

This is me and my story. My blog is a reflection of that. Thank you for listening. Namaste.