Stone Pairing: Poland

Poland-Flag-WallpaperAncestry has been one of the many interests in my life. Tracing my family’s lineage, I not only discover more about them, but myself. My dad was born in central Poland, coming to America when he was only nine. We still have many relatives in Poland, and my dad and Uncle remain in contact with them. My mother’s side has been in the Chicago area for a few generations, but the main ethnicity on her side of the family is Polish as well.

Growing up, I took great pride in my Polish roots, dressing up in traditional attire for holidays, listening to Polka, and eating comfort foods such as perogis and guampki. I was passionate about my cultural background.

So how does this tie into my mystical world of crystals and energy? There are certain stones that have special meanings to different cultures. If you are very in touch with your heritage, these stones may resonate with you more. And visa versa, if you would like to connect more with your roots, stones associated with that culture are a way to do so.

Wanting to honor my Polish ancestry, here are stones that I found work with that energy:

Amber – A soft gentle stone, if you want to call it a stone. Amber is actually resin from trees, fossilized for over 400,000 years. Baltic Amber, found in the Baltic region, is prized for its clarity. Amber helps smooth emotions, removing negativity and stress, and relieving fears and anxiety.

Red Jasper – Associated with the base chakras, Red Jasper assists in rebirthing and cleansing the aura. It strengthens your boundaries and is an excellent stone for courage and inner power. This ties into the qualities of the eagle, Poland’s symbol. Red Jasper also represents the color of the flag.

Sodalite – This blue stone reminds you to stay true to yourself, but also is useful for harmony within groups, stimulating trust and companionship. It Associating with the throat chakra, Sodalite is good for communicating, allowing stories of family and ancestry to be shared.



Stone Pairings: Connecting to Ancient Egypt


I have a strong connection to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were very advanced for their time, developing new technologies, writing systems, and architecture. Not only were they advanced in science, but energies as well, communicating with higher beings who were said to have given them the means to many of their systems. Many awakened souls have past lives in ancient Egypt, myself included. Wishing to awaken this part of me, I have been connecting to stones that have significance to ancient Egypt, hoping to unlock new information about myself and my karmic past. I have multiple stone pairings for Egyptian energy. I have a necklace with Lapis and Red Jasper, as well as the Ankh, which was a tool used by Egyptians to redirect energy, as well as being a symbol for eternal life. I also wear Malachite and Turquoise rings and just recently purchased a lovely Azurite specimen. Hopefully with all this Egypt energy, I will connect with my past self soon!

Here is my precious stones pairing of ancient Egypt:

Red Jasper-Thought to symbolize the blood of the Goddess Isis, the Mother Goddess, this stone was used to treat infertility and increase sexual vigor. Red Jasper is a good grounding stone, helping boost strength and aids in protection.

Carnelian-Called the “setting sun” by Ancient Egyptians, Carnelian symbolized the blood of life and immortality, connecting to the Goddess Isis. It was worn to promote love, passion and desire. With training, it may be used to see into the past.

Malachite-Used to promote inner visions, Malachite was worn by Pharaohs, serving as a grounding force to help them channel higher energies onto the planet. A stone of dreams, Malachite brings vivid memories to life.

Turquoise-This stone was prized for its powers of protection and good luck. It honors the Hathor, the Goddess of joy and fertility.

Lapis Lazuli-A special stone to Egypt, Lapis represents the heavens, symbolizing creation and rebirth. Used by healers, priests and royalty to enhance psychic abilities, wisdom, and inner vision. It opens the Third Eye to promote spiritual journeying.

Azurite-A very psychic stone to Egypt, Azurite was said to contain mysteries only known to the high priests and priestesses, used in ceremonies for greater insight, for visionary powers, and particularly for hypnosis. Resonating with the Third Eye, Azurite is good for past life exploration and developing psychic and intuitive gifts.

Crystal Pairing for Autumn

The 23rd of September marks the Fall Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Fall. There is such a warm magic at this time of year. The leaves start to ignite if flames of gold and red hues, and the air gets crisp with the foreshadowing of winter. It is part of the continuous cycle of life, and Autumn is the season that reminds us that change is inevitable. At this time of year, people would start to prepare for the long winters ahead by harvesting the crops of that previous summer. Festivals and celebrations in honor of a good bounty would take place. In all, fall is a time to give thanks and embrace change.

While there are many stones that connect to the energies of fall, two in particular spoke to me: Smoky Quartz and Fire Agate. These stones combine bring forth the warm fire energy of Fall as well as the connection to the earth.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone that not only connects to the earth and root chakra, but to your higher self and crown chakra too. It helps ground oneself and like the changing of the season, allows us to let go of things that no longer serve or benefit us. Connecting to the fire and air elements, this stone is perfect for this time of year.

Fire Agate is a protective stone that brings forth more fire and air energy. While most people connect the warm fire hues of the trees to the season of fall, air is also an important element connecting to this time. The Equinox happens on the 23rd, which marks the beginning of the zodiac calendar for Libra, an air sign. Traditional agate connects to the air element, but this fire agate also brings forth the fire energy to the mix. It was often used in alchemy and thought to contain the essence fire itself. It invokes passion and love in everyday life.

Combining these two stones together, you are all set for those fabulous fall energies. Happy Equinox!

Crystal Pairing for Prosperity and Wealth


A few months ago I was on a desperate search to find a job in my career field. I sent out countless applications, followed up, and even went on multiple interviews, but I was not able to land a job. I was in need of money to pay off student loans and wanted any help I could get in finding and getting a job….

While I was still applying and searching for jobs, I decided to pair a few crystals together to help me with my venture. Within a month of creating this pairing, I got a job working for a local designer in my hometown. Within a month after that, I had gotten a job I had interviewed for in Chicago. I placed my pairing of stones in the wealth corner of my room, along with my “piggy bank” and can say that things have been looking up financially for me since that.

Here are the stones I paired for attracting prosperity and wealth:

Citrine-Having been called The Merchant’s Stone, Citrine helps attract and maintain wealth and abundance.

Green Aventurine-Known as The Stone of Opportunity, Green Aventurine is a lucky stone, helping manifest prosperity and wealth. It is useful in aiding in new beginnings and helps boost chances/opportunities. A very lucky stone indeed!

Carnelian-A stone of courage and motivation, Carnelian has been used as a talisman for success in money making ventures. It is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck and can help in the success of careers.

Crystal Pairing For Plant Growth

Crystals can be used in many ways. Not just for ourselves, but plants as well. Just like how crystals tap into our energy frequencies, it is the same notion for plant life.IMG_4789

About three months ago, I bought a succulent grouping. These little guys were on clearance due to the lack of growth and poor dismay they were in. Knowing that all these babies needed was a little love (and some crystal love too), I took them home and now look at them! They’re growing like weeds. The crystal pairing I used certainly helped with that process. Just plant them in the soil, or place them in the pot near the plants to facilitate healthy plant growth.

If you’d like to help speed up your plant’s growth, I’d recommend the following stones:

Moss Agate-Moss Agate has been known throughout history and in many cultures as the stone of gardeners and agriculture, connecting you to nature. It promotes abundance and new growth. This stone connects to Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess, who herself, is represented as the being of Earth itself.

Green Aventurine-This stone has a very strong connection to the Earth as well, being commonly used in gardens. A “Growth Crystal”, Green Aventurine promotes healthy new growth, in people and plants.

Leopardskin Jasper-Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”, all Jaspers provide strength and healing. Associated with the Root Chakra, which connects us to Earth energy. A Shaman stone, Leopardskin Jasper attracts the right energies into one’s life in order to heal and move on. This stone also connects to Gaia, or Mother Earth.

Crystal Healing

This grid is all about peace, healing, and removing negativity.

This grid is all about peace, healing, and removing negativity. 

A tool that has helped me grow and evolve these past months has been the use of healing crystals. In a previous post, I talked about how crystals energy resonates on the same frequencies as our, healing and repairing our own energies. Each crystal has multiple attributes and certain properties in that crystal are activated at specific times when we require that energy. When I first started using crystals as a form of holistic healing, I was very focused on the properties that each stone produced. I was caught up in the mental mindset of it all, and after working at the crystal shop, I have learned to be more guided by my heart when choosing a stone. I gravitate towards something that catches my eye. When we do this, we are following the subtle energies that are connecting with us due to that crystal. Once I am drawn to a specific stone, I will then read about its properties and more often then not, these properties match up with what will benefit me at that time in my life. It is amazing how much our hearts and intuition know!

When it comes to working through specific issues, crystal grids are beneficial. Focusing on the intent of the grid and acquiring certain stones that help with that energetic issue, they help restore balance and promote higher vibrations. Grids should always be made with good intent and never meant for harm. Remember, this is crystal healing…not hurting.

Recently, I have been dealing with a mentally and emotionally unhealthy individual. My stone preferences have reflected that issue that I have been working through of removing this toxic person from my life. That is why I have been drawn to peridot more so than usual. This stone promotes cleansing the aura and heals the healer. It wards off negativity. It has been the staple in my daily grids lately. Here is what this grid helps with:

Peridot: Teaches that holding on to people and the past is counterproductive and facilitates rapid spiritual growth. Heals the healer.

Moonstone: A stone of new beginnings. Provides deep emotional healing.

Black Tourmaline: Protects against negative energies and cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Pyrite: Blocks out negative energies.

Amethyst: Calms the mind. A very protective and spiritual stone, it promotes emotional centering, banishing sadness, anger, fear, and supports coming to terms with loss.

I would love to hear what your favorite crystal is at the moment and why! As always, peace, love, and positivity!

Healing Jewelry

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

Working at a Crystal Shop, I have been blessed with getting the chance to surround myself with positive energies and continuing to educate myself on rocks and how they can help us with our own energies. An oversimplified explanation on how crystals work is that the energy from the stone resonates in harmony on a quantum level with humans and their frequencies. New Age-y I know, but having an open-mind to this concept, I have discovered the properties of these stones and have felt their energies myself.

Take Malachite for instance. I picked up this little beauty of a ring while out yesterday at the flea market. This stone provides powerful grounding energy that helps in breaking unwanted ties, setting emotional boundaries, and is a great protection stone, absorbing negative energies, either psychic or environmental, thus removing them. I’m very excited with my find!

It’s important to always cleanse your stones before wearing and using them. Who knows what other people’s energies have attached to that stone. Think of it as buying an article of clothing, who knows who else has tried it on! There are a variety of different ways to cleanse your stones. For me, smudging with sage is my preferred method (I just love the smell!). Also, placing the jewelry or rock on a clear quartz works equally as well. If you are interested in learning more about stones and what they can do for you, check out this link: