Raise the Energy of your Space

Little fact about myself: I graduated with a degree in Interior and Environmental Design. I am not trying to be biased when I say that the places and spaces we come in contact with have significant impacts on our health. During my education, I learned the psychology behind design. Ever wonder why many fast food joints use the color red? Red is a stimulating color, increasing appetite and energy, which is perfect for those grab-and-go restaurants. This is also why their signs/logos are typically red. This way, they catch your attention while driving. Another psychological fact about restaurant design; why do most people prefer booth seating? The reason relates to our primal survival instincts of safety and security. When we sit in booths, we feel more protected as opposed to sitting with our backs exposed at table seating. Fascinating no?

Outside my schooling, through my own learning, I discovered how not only can spaces impact our mental and physical wellbeing, but our energy and souls. Everything is connected. You may have heard of Feng Shui, and how the arrangement of furniture and use of shapes, elements, and color can affect the energy of a space. This ancient practice is one way that helps balance and heighten the Chi, or energy, which in return affects our physical bodies and mind.

While the art of traditional Feng Shui is very extensive, anyone can increase the vibrations of their space. Here are some simple tips and tricks that I have come across for increasing the vibrations and giving balance to one’s space:

1. Declutter: A messy space disrupts the flow of energy, causing mental stress in the process. A tidy space allows the energy to flow smoothly and brings peace of mind.

2. Utilize the five senses: Often times, we focus our attention on visual aspects. While ascetics can raise the vibrations of a space, we shouldn’t forget our other senses. Find and add different textures to stimulate your sense of touch. Have incense, fragrant candles, and/or potpourri to incorporate your sense of smell, and play music to impact your sense of sound. For taste, there isn’t much that can be done, but sometimes our sense of smell affects our tastebuds. They key is to incorporate more of our senses than just sight.

3. Notice the corners: Energy tends to sit and stagnate in the corners of a room when these spaces are empty. Adding an arrangement or furniture to the corners of a space allows the energy to flow freely again.

4. Add some crystals: Crystals give off their own vibrations, which can increase the energy of your space. Different stones give off different energies, such as Amethyst can increase peaceful energies (which would be perfect for a bedroom), while Citrine brings wealth and prosperity in a space (good for a office/work environment). When placing stones in your space, I recommend larger specimens, ideally clusters since they radiate their energy in all directions as opposed to small tumbled stones that are meant more for personal, hand-held use.

Celestite is a high vibrational stone and is great for a meditation room.

Celestite is a high vibrational stone and is great for a meditation room.

5. Add some plants: Like crystals, plants give off energy as well. Studies have shown that plants actually help with mental health, reducing stress and depression. They also help with physical health in a number of ways, from reducing colds to helping with allergies. Acting as air purifiers, they are a wonderful addition to any space.

6. Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp: Our bodies naturally release positive ions in the air, and if unchecked, overtime this can lead to allergens to form in the space, causing respiratory problems. Salt lamps release negative ions, which counteract and balance out the positive ions we emit. Plus, the soft warm glow these lamps produce has very soothing effects as well.himalayan_salt_lamp_mini

7. Decorate: I feel that this tip is a given, but non-the-less, it is important to emphasize how you want to add your personal touch to a space, thus adding your energy. Picture frames, personal knick-knacks, and other accessories that resonate with you can increase the energy of a space. Don’t forget neglected areas, such as adding wall art and rugs.

Be creative and have fun! If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer. Namaste.


Chakra Animal Guides: What they are and how to find your own

One side of the metaphysical I connected with on my journey of the self was learning about my animal guides. Native Americans and Shamans believe that animals hold lessons to be taught and have spiritual/inspirational powers attached to them. They believe in Totem Animals, which are animals that connect and follow you for life, in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Connecting to this notion of totem animal guides with the energy fields within our bodies known as chakras, we have chakra animal guides, or an animal that correlate with each chakra. Each chakra houses a specific set of functions in our body that helps us achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and unity when properly functioning, and the animal guide associated with that chakra is a way to assist us with this balance.

A watercolor I created of my chakra animals.

A watercolor I created of my chakra animals.

Our animal guides represent and reflect many characteristics we possess. They also have a lesson associated with them, which typically is something we need to learn in order for us to achieve karmic growth.  For example, one of my animals is the bee. The lesson that the bee tells is to slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life and the fruits of your labor. This has been a lesson that I have struggled with and thankfully overcame, but for a while, I was so caught up in my head, too focused on my thoughts and all work and no play. The bee helped me realize to slow down, I only get one life, and I need to enjoy it!

So how do we find out our animal guides and connect them more specifically to our seven chakras? Only you can discover your animal guides. It isn’t something someone can tell you, because it is a discovery of the self. There are some guide lines (no pun intended) to help you figure out your guides though.

How to Find Out your Animal Guides

A good way to get started is by finding out your seven animal guides before you connect them to a specific chakra. Think of your favorite animals. Chances are one or more of them is a guide. I have always had a love for frogs. It turns out, it was one of my chakra animals, specifically my throat charka. Maybe you don’t have seven favorite animals. Are there any animals that have been popping up in your life recently, or you have been fascinated with? They could be your guides as well. I have had an interest with octopi, though not my favorite animal, they have captured my curiosity with their grace and mystery. Turns out, this animal is my sacral chakra guide. Similarly, are there any animals you are afraid of? These could also be guides, and being afraid of them can mean that there is a strong lesson to learn from these animals. Compile a list of animals to work with.

Now that you have a list of animals that you connect with, it is time to find out their meanings. There are a bunch of different websites to go to find the symbolism and representation of animals. I personally like Shamanic Journey, because they give you a detailed description of the powers associated with each animal as well as background of the animal and some brief history of the ways that the animal has been linked to Shamanic practices. Write down the meanings of each of the animals on your list.

After figuring out the meanings behind each animal, time to sort through the list and to connect an animal to each chakra. It is good to know what each chakra represents. Again, there are multiple websites for chakras. Once you know this, you can determine which one of the animals matches to each chakra. Look at the characteristics of each animal and what they represent. For example, the animal that connects to my solar plexus chakra is the bee. The bee represents hard work and service to others. It is known also as a symbol of joy and rebirth, connecting to the Egyptian sun god Ra. The solar plexus is the chakra that houses our identity/ego, our sense of joy and warmth, and connects to the ruling planet of the sun. Finding these similarities and connections between the animals and the chakras, you can ween through which animals are truly your chakra animal guides!

If all else fails, a good way to determine which animal is a chakra guide is through intuition. It sounds so silly, but truly, your gut feeling is so important. We have it for a reason. So if you just have a feeling that the dragonfly is your third eye guide, it probably is.

Happy self discovery.

The Connections Between Astrology and Psychology

I am pretty fascinated with the idea of astrology and how the alignment of the planets can reveal parts of our personality. It is a practice that has been around for over 2,000 years and has been used by many different cultures, way before the science of psychology. That being said, the study of psychology also greatly interests me. People-watching and figuring out how the human mind works is a hobby of mine-one of many. It is a sort of juxtaposition to some, astrology and psychology. To me though, the two are limbs of the same beast: discovery of the self. One shows us how our environment and past experiences have shaped who we are, the other shows us how the celestial bodies have influenced our identities. I have used both in my journey of self-discovery and have found a large amount of comparisons and aspects of each that coincide with one another.

Taking a look through a psychologist’s eye, which is the main scope of the “MIND” section of my blog, I was at an unhealthy state: depressed, anxious, a long list of professionally coined terms such as A.D.D., O.C.D., E.D. (I sound like I belong on Sesame Street with all of these letters). Looking at myself in this aspect, my sensitive nature, need to control and passiveness are factors that aided in the formation of my eating disorder. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I changed my mindset. I stopped being depressed and anxious. I beat my eating disorder and found happiness within myself. So that is all from a psychology basis. Switching gears and seeing similarities in astrology, i know that my sun sign (the planet that is responsible for our ego/personality) is Virgo. Virgos have the traits of being analysts, perfectionists, and critical, especially on themselves. I also have a moon sign (which influences our behaviors and feelings) of Scorpio, which is a water sign and very sensitive and emotional. These factors, in my opinion, also led to my eating disorder, but also having Scorpio in my moon led me to my recovery. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is all about transformations. When I am today from where I was a year ago is truly a transformation.

I have also used these tools in the pursuit of understanding others. I was seeing a guy for a while who from a psychologist standpoint, has an acute Borderline Personality Disorder. This could have stemmed from his childhood, where he was neglected as a middle child or didn’t receive enough attention, and grew through his teenage years, where him and his parents constantly butted heads due to his rebellious nature. This is reflected in his natal chart. His Ascendant is Cancer, making him very a very sensitive person. His moon sign is Aries, giving him impulsive, overactive and temperamental behaviors. His South Node (which shows what we struggle with within ourselves or our karmic lesson) is Capricorn, which tells that he has difficulty admitting fault and taking responsibility for his actions. His sun sign is a Gemini, the most child-like of the Zodiac. All these traits (and more) connect to the modern psychological idea of Borderline Personality Disorder. I have also linked the two when I view family members and friends. Realizing how their natal chart is linked to their psychological behaviors.

Now I use these tools to help in my self-discovery. It is my beliefs, so it doesn’t mean that I am right/wrong. It is just how I view things and the connections I notice. I have also noticed similar connections in other methods of self-discovery, such as numerology. If this idea appeals to you, or you would like to learn more about yourself through astrology, you can go here, to get a free natal chart for yourself. Happy discovering!

Balance and Relationships

What is important when it comes to relationships? When I use the term relationships, I mean relationships of all sorts, friendships, partnerships, etc, but primarily romantic relationships, since many of us seek that in our lives. I feel there is a large portion of our society that value surface components on what they seek in their relationships. Some people value appearances. While sexual chemistry is important in romantic relationships, having physical “beauty” can only take a relationship so far. Looks fade and so will that connection if that is all the relationship is based on. You are only satisfying your root chakra energy, that energy that drives our sexual primal instincts. This energy also drives our sense of materialism, so some relationships maybe driven by possessions and materialistic values if they are solely derived from the root chakra. Some people seek relationships based upon the solar plexus chakra, which satisfies the image we portray to society. Some relationships are valued by the status we have in society. This is one of the reasons some people will date or have friends in select groups, such as dating lawyers for their high value in our modern world. Other people will find someone who connects on the heart chakra, of being compassionate, caring, and loving, but don’t find physically attractive or connect with on other levels.

Every relationship is different, as are people’s values on what is meaningful for their relationships. Based on an energy standpoint, but also tying into my own values, I believe that there should be a balance with all chakras, because relationships need balance in order to be healthy. See, I am connecting to health here, and when our relationships focus on only a primary aspect or certain level, we cannot evolve and grow with our partners. Say a couple is so focused on sex. Okay, well on a physical level, things may be great, but mentally, there maybe a connection lacking as well as emotionally/spiritually. To me I guess, having a balanced relationship doesn’t seem like such a hard concept, but I am continuously surprised by the amount of people who build relationships that way. I have always seeked out meaningful relationships, romantic and platonic. The idea of having a one-dimensional relationship with someone saddened me, because I am multi-faceted and being able to only connect with someone on one level would leave these other areas of myself untouched and stiffened. But like I said, that is me. I look for balance in relationships, and through having a balance of a mental, physical, and emotional connection with someone, I am able to achieve meaning. I think that there should be something of value for every chakra level when it comes to relationships. It could be if finding someone physically attractive (root chakra), have a sense of intimacy (sacral chakra), being able to laugh with them (solar plexus chakra), being compassionate and caring for one another (heart chakra), having open and honest communication (throat chakra), having intellectual conversations (third eye chakra), and through these chakras, connecting to the crown chakra of unity and wholeness with a partner.

In any case, it is what you seek and deem important in your relationships, but as you should balance yourself in order to be healthy, your relationships should balance as well for harmony and happiness.

My Past Lives And This One

So If you stumble across my instagram, you’ll notice that I decided to dress up like an Egyptian today. I believe that my soul is eternal and has had many past lives. One of these lives being in Ancient Egypt. Everyone has their own beliefs on the spirit and where the soul goes after our bodies die. I believe in the spirit science of energy and other dimensions. Energy never gets created or destroyed…simply transferred. Once my energy leaves my psychical body, it will manifest into a new form. Reincarnation I suppose is a way to look at it. Any who, I believe that besides Egypt, a few of my past lives included some time in one of the Chinese Dynasties, one of the Native American Tribes, and another as a gypsy. There is no facts to support this, I am just following a strong feeling I have. I am following my intuition.

So to tag team off this idea of my past lives, I also “believe” in astrology. I hate to use the term “beliefs”, but again, it isn’t a hard science. The planets hold amazing powers already. The moon synchronizes to women’s menstrual cycles and affects our tides, while the sun supports growth and life on our planet. The notion that our date of birth and the position of the planets in our sky have effects on who we are as a person should be no different. My astrological sun sign, which represents my self-expression, is Virgo. Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin. While many people use the word Virgin to represent someone who has abstained from having sex, Virgin also means purity. Virgos are cleanly, pure hearted, and health conscious. This is what makes us “pure”. They also are very mind oriented people, who love to analyze and problem solve (we are ruled by Mercury after all, the Mental planet). Being an earth sign, Virgos are down to earth, easy going, and loyal. It is also a negative element (Yin), which means we are introverted and like to build security when forming relationships. Now that is my sun sign. My moon sign and rising sign are Scorpio the Scorpion. Your moon sign is associated with your subconscious, your deepest needs and what helps you feel emotionally secure. Your rising sign (also called your ascendant) can affect your appearance, attitude, and the way you come across to others. Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto, which is the planet of transformation. We are very intense and emotionally driven. We are secretive and crave passion. Scorpios are also Yin, and are more emotion and introspective. Their element is water, which is associated with intuition, emotions, and mystery.

Having both Yin signs, I am an introvert. I am grounded, logical, practical, and helpful because of my Virgo earth sign, but am sensitive, intense, emotional, and protective because of my Scorpio water sign. Due to my Scorpio in my ascendant and moon signs, I have embraced transformation. Through transforming myself over the past year with my body and mind, and now transforming my spirit and raising my consciousness. This is where the bit about my past lives comes in. I think that in order to evolve your soul and continue with the process of reincarnation, one has specific tasks and challenges they need to overcome in this life to “move up in the ranks”. I believe that one of my challenges in life is to speak up and be more authoritative. To use my voice. This is also evident in my Throat Chakra animal spirit being a Frog, which symbolizes transformation as well, but that is a whole another topic to weave into, and I am not trying to write a novel here!

Astrology plays into this task I need to accomplish in order to evolve. I am introverted, pure hearted, kind, helpful, sensitive, protective and emotional. To sum it up, I never want to see others hurt due to me being so pure hearted and sensitive myself, so I keep my thoughts and feelings generally to myself instead of speaking up and being authoritative. A while back, I realized this challenge and have been working towards using my voice. Thanks to my Virgo tendency towards perfection and bettering oneself, as well as my Scorpio determination, I have been making progress. I have also been trying to balance my Virgo logical mind with my Scorpio feeling heart.

If anyone is interested in learning about their birth chart and what the planets say about their personalities, click here. Perhaps the planets will tell you what you need to work on in order to evolve yourself as well. If not, it certainly is a fun, interesting thing to know!

As always, peace and love.

Rediscovering Myself: A Blessing in Disguise

For anyone who has hit rock bottom at some point in their life, you’ll remember and know of the sheer misery that feels like. Everyone has a different story of that experience or time when they just were at the ultimate low at some point in your life. For me, I had lived my life trying to please others. I cared so much of what others thought of me, I had lost my sense of self trying fill everyone else’s order of who I thought they wanted me to be. So I fell into an eating disorder at college. That not only stripped me away to skin and bones, it stripped away my sense of self. My interests, beliefs, esteem, and everything else about me was lost. I was a shell of a person. That was my rock bottom. For two years this is who I was. Through recovery and cognitive behavioral treatment, I got better, and I keep growing and getting better each day.

One of the joys I found in hitting rock bottom was my journey of self-discovery. Since I had lost my whole identity through my experience, I had to figure out who I was again. It was like taking myself out on a date. What were my passions? What did I want out of life? What were my beliefs? As the Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu said, “Knowing others in wisdom; knowing yourself is enlightenment.” I have truly enjoyed the experience of getting to know myself. I do not only know my beliefs and interests, but my character, mind, soul and body. I have filled that former shell of a person. And she is continuing to be filled…filled with knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

One of the many things I rediscovered was my interest about astrology. I have always been fascinated by the stars, learning about the ancient lore of constellations. It is fascinating to me how the planets affect us. How the moon can influence the tides, and the sun affects our mood. The Zodiac and how your birth date can reveal aspects about yourself is something I have found useful in my self-discovery. My sun sign is Virgo. It’s rather interesting how that does reveal so much about me, one thing being Virgos are very helpful people. We’re the service oriented, busy bee sign of the Zodiac. I have always been a helpful person, and even through starting this blog, I want to help others in their own journeys. Knowing this about myself, I also need to be aware of learning when to not feel obligated to do this for my own personal well-being.

Virgos strive for perfection, which is something I have personally let control my life at one point. I am learning to better myself still, but in a healthy way and I am not being hard of myself. I will never be perfect, I can simply only be better than myself each day.

In correlation to my sun sign, which represents the active part of our personality and sense of self-expression, my moon sign, which signifies our habits, how we react emotionally and deal with our feelings, is Scorpio. Scorpio moon signs tend to have intense emotions and passion. We tend to dig deep regarding emotions and intimacy. Being very emotional, I have learned not to become so overwhelmed when I get faced with negative feelings.

I have also figured out which signs fall under which planet in accordance to my natal chart. I have personally found it to be very accurate for myself. If you are interested in figuring out your own birth chart and more about yourself through astrology, click here.  Astrology has helped me with my own rediscovery. Whatever your own case of rediscovery is, enjoy the chance to find out who you are and all the beautiful ways that you are unique!

Balance Your Heart Chakra

The Deer is my Heart Chakra Animal. It symbolizes gentleness and courage in the face of fear. (Art by Budi Satria Kwan)

The Deer is my Heart Chakra Animal. It symbolizes gentleness and courage in the face of fear. (Art by Budi Satria Kwan)

In one of my previous posts, I had talked briefly about chakras and the seven main energy fields we humans have. I had also mentioned when trying to align your chakras, it is wise to start with the Heart Chakra, or Anahata. There is a reason it’s called the “heart center” in yogi practices. It is where the center of our energy resides. Having this chakra balanced with aligned your other chakras in the process. So what does a balanced heart chakra look like? A balanced heart chakra allows you to feel love and compassion for others. It opens you up to empathy and respect, generosity and kindness. It lets us see the bigger picture, that we are all apart of something larger than ourselves. When our heart chakra is off balance, we may feel depressed, cold, selfish, vulnerable, dependent on love and affection, or unable to feel without a extreme stimuli.

I cannot help but feel an abundance of love and joy since opening up my heart chakra. I can appreciate the beauty and love in the tiniest of things, and every day I am filled with warmth and bliss. Opening up my heart, I am able to connect with others, create deeper relationships through empathy, and emit love and kindness to everyone I meet.

There are many ways to open up your heart chakra and balance this energy! Here are some ways to do so…

1. Meditate with Crystals

Being into healing crystals, of course I’d suggest this. These crystals have energy that resonates with our own heart chakra energy, bringing it into harmony. Try meditating with Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite, Emerald, or Jade.

2. Wearing the Colors Pink or Green

In accordance with the idea of light energy and how each wavelength of energy composes a specific color, Pink and Green are the colors associated with the heart chakra. Wearing these colors can assist in connecting to your heart chakra.

3. Eating Leafy Greens

Again with  light energy, leafy greens absorb these energies from the sun. We can harness their goodness as well! Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Romaine Lettuce all have these energies. Try having a salad for lunch with a few of these vegetables, or mix yourself a green smoothie.

4. Aromatherapy

I love my sense of smell! Some scents have a connection to our heart. Rose, Jasmine, and Sandalwood are all good examples. Just add a few drops to a hot bath or light an incense.

5. Through Sound

Chanting the word “YAM”. Keep doing this until you feel completely relaxed. The heart chakra resonates with the B note also.

6. Spending time in Nature

Taking a walk through the lush green forest, meditation in the grass or just being around the green in nature is a great way to help open up your heart. Appreciate the beauty that is Mother Earth!

7. Spend time with a Furry Friend

I love playing with my cat. Spending quality time with animals lets us embrace unconditional love, which in return helps us open up our hearts.

8. Do Something Kind without Asking for Anything in Return

Volunteer. Give a compliment. Hold the door open for someone. When we do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return, we are allowing ourselves to be selfless. More often than not, we are filled with a warm good feeling inside when we do so. Take that as a sign that you are opening up your heart.

I hope you can find one of these methods useful in your own journey of balancing your heart chakra! As always, peace and love.


Working at an energy based store, I keep expanding my knowledge of the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life. One particular area that I’d like to focus on today is Chakras and their energies. For those who are new to the concept of Chakras, allow me to give a brief overview: Everything in this world is made up of energy, even us. We have multiple energy nodes within our bodies, but there are seven common nodes we refer to as the Chakras. These Chakras allow energy to flow within our bodies, creating balance and harmony. Sometimes these nodes can be blocked, causing problems both emotional and physical. Here are the seven main Charkas and a little information about each one.

Root Chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of spine/tailbone

Principles: Survival, Security, Trust, Primal Energy, Grounding.

Proper functioning: Health, Courage, Patience, Safety, Security.

Improper functioning: Worry, Paranoia, Procrastination, Defensiveness, Thoughts revolve around Security and Material Possessions, Seeking out Sensual Indulgences or Thrills.

Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Location: Between base of spine and navel

Principles: Desire, Pleasure, Sexuality, Creativity

Proper functioning: Enthusiasm, Creative flow, Emotional gratification, Passion.

Improper functioning: Lack of Self-esteem, Restlessness, Emotional problems, Sexual guilt/impotence, Loss of sense of wonder.

Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Location: Above Naval

Principles: Willpower, Laughter, Joy, Identity/Shaping of Self

Proper functioning: Happiness/Joy, Acceptance of Self, Self-control, Warmth, Humor.

Improper functioning: Ego, Holding back expression of emotions, loss of self-control, feelings of gloom and easily angered, misuse of power.

Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Location: Heart Center

Principles: Love, Compassion, Harmony, Peace.

Proper functioning: Happiness, Love, Faith, Devotion, Compassion.

Improper functioning: Cold/Indifferent, Need of love and affections from others, Depression, Easily Hurt when experiencing rejection, unempathetic.

Throat Chakra

Color: Blue

Location: Throat

Principles: Creativity, Human Expression, Communication, Truth.

Proper functioning: Ability to completely express thoughts and feelings without fear, honesty, and remaining true to oneself.

Improper functioning: Difficulty communicating one’s truth, dishonesty, creative blockage.

Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Location: Brow

Principles: Wisdom, Intuition, Mental Powers, Inner Vision.

Proper functioning: Inner Knowledge, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, High mental powers of memory, focus, and will.

Improper functioning: Over-emphasis of mental, Intellectual arrogance, Selective memory, Depression.


Color: Purple

Location: Top of Head

Principles: Information, Understanding, Acceptance, Bliss, Spiritual

Proper functioning: Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, Peace and Calmness.

Improper functioning: Depression, Confusion, Boredom, Lack of Interest in World.

Anyone of these areas out of balance in yourself? So how do we get back into balance? There are multiple ways to realign your Chakra energy! The methods I use are associated to the color spectrum of the Chakras. I resonate with these methods likely due to my education in Interior Design where I learned about Color Theory and how colors play a role in our psychological well-being. Like did you know that many fast food restaurants use the colors red and yellow (Golden Arches anyone?) because these colors stimulate our appetite and speed? So bringing Color Theory into the Chakras, the ways I have aligned my Chakras are based on these color principles. Wearing the color associate with the Chakra I wish to balance is one way I have used this method. Also eating natural foods of that Chakra color through light energy, such as leafy greens for my heart and strawberries for my root. Another method is meditating or using a healing crystal/stone of that associate color. Here are some stones that are associated with each Chakra:

  1. Root: Red Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite
  2. Sacral: Carnelian
  3. Solar Plexus: Citrine, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye
  4. Heart: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Jade
  5. Throat: Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate
  6. Third Eye: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
  7. Crown: Clear Quartz

I hope that whatever method you use, you are able to achieve balance and harmony within your energies and yourself! If you are having trouble where to start, might I suggest focusing on the Heart Chakra. When doing so, you align all other Chakras as a result. Just another great reason to live from the heart!

Healing Jewelry

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

Working at a Crystal Shop, I have been blessed with getting the chance to surround myself with positive energies and continuing to educate myself on rocks and how they can help us with our own energies. An oversimplified explanation on how crystals work is that the energy from the stone resonates in harmony on a quantum level with humans and their frequencies. New Age-y I know, but having an open-mind to this concept, I have discovered the properties of these stones and have felt their energies myself.

Take Malachite for instance. I picked up this little beauty of a ring while out yesterday at the flea market. This stone provides powerful grounding energy that helps in breaking unwanted ties, setting emotional boundaries, and is a great protection stone, absorbing negative energies, either psychic or environmental, thus removing them. I’m very excited with my find!

It’s important to always cleanse your stones before wearing and using them. Who knows what other people’s energies have attached to that stone. Think of it as buying an article of clothing, who knows who else has tried it on! There are a variety of different ways to cleanse your stones. For me, smudging with sage is my preferred method (I just love the smell!). Also, placing the jewelry or rock on a clear quartz works equally as well. If you are interested in learning more about stones and what they can do for you, check out this link: http://www.crystal-life.com/blog/what-crystals-do-how-to-care-for-them/