Coffee Turned Feminist Rant

So it all started when I went to have my coffee…

I love coffee. I love the taste. I love the smell. I love the smooth liquid sliding down my throat and warming me from the inside out. I love coffee so much, that I moved to Seattle. Okay, I’m kidding about that last part, but living in the Coffee City of America is a definite plus.

I started my addiction to the java bean at a young age. Every Labor day weekend when I was young, back when elementary school started Mid-September, my family would go camping. My birthday also happens to usually fall on Labor day weekend, and every year for my birthday, my dad would make me a special cup of coffee. It was my favorite present. This tradition continued until I got old enough to make my own coffee, and then, coffee sort of became this unspoken bond between my father and I. I think for us, it was an ode to those years camping, and the memories we had.

Since I’ve been a coffee junkie for a while, I definitely have my specific tastes when it comes to how I prepare my coffee. First, I use whole coffee beans and grind them each morning. This way, the coffee’s oil is at its most flavorful. Second, I use Arabica coffee beans that are dark roasted. In my opinion, this is a bold flavor for those who enjoy the true essence of coffee. I then use the drip brewing method to preserve and enhance the taste of my coffee. Lastly, as I am still sort of a wuss, I sweeten it up a bit with some almond milk and honey.

Honey. My second addiction. I love honey. I love the taste. I love the different types. I love the golden color. I love that it’s natural. Problem is, beside the fact that the bee population is dwindling, is that honey isn’t cheap. Nor should it be I suppose, if you think about all the hard work the bees to do produce that honey. Anyways, to cut down on costs, I’ve been using less honey, which means my coffee is becoming less sweet.

As it so happens, today, I did not put any honey in it. I figured I’d try and go with just the almond milk. It’s the closest thing I could get to straight black coffee….the coffee lover’s goal. Quite proud of myself for taking a step toward this accomplishment, I went to “the Facebook” to brag.

At first, I wanted to come up with something witty about how Seattle is turning me into a coffee pro. But…pro wasn’t the right word. I was practically already a pro. I had my preferences, my methods. No…to drink black coffee, you have to be brave. No, brave wasn’t right either. Brave sounds like you’re afraid to drink black coffee. But that’s the whole goal! Yeah it’s hard to drink black coffee starting off and like the taste. To drink black coffee, is to drink like a man. That is essentially what I wanted to say. Drinking coffee like a man, tough, bold, strong.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t write that. Drinking coffee ‘like a man’ isn’t a proper way to describe an action. So I went to the thesaurus, being sure there was a proper word to describe this feeling. There wasn’t. In the end, I typed masculine, to find the synonyms I was looking for, bold, strong, brave, honorable. Under synonyms were the antonyms, weak, shy, timid, cowardly, feminine.

At this point I didn’t even care about the coffee post on Facebook. I was appalled. I was appalled that we associated these characteristics with these genders, which often get confused with our physical sex. To be a woman is to be feminine, and to be feminine is apparently weak, shy, timid, and cowardly.

Our society accepts this. I mean, it’s in a thesaurus for crying out loud. Is this what we want to teach our children….our girls? That being a female is associated with these qualities? These qualities that confine us and limit our power and potential as humans? We need to start redefining what being a female is. It is not weak. It is not cowardly. Being a woman is what we make it.

Feminism is growing, and women are standing up more and more for their rights. Seeing a bit of sexism written in a book on the English language shows me that we need to culturally redefine our interpretations and beliefs on women and what we are capable of…

like drinking a cup of black coffee.


The End of a Chapter

It’s 5:42 am, central time, and I cannot sleep. In less than five hours I will be on the road heading to my new home in Seattle. Ever since the summer of 2014, when I took my first road trip out west and saw the magnificent Emerald City, I have wanted to live there. Manifesting my dream for the past two years, I snatched the opportunity and today, I am making this dream a reality.

As the excitement of a new city is on the horizon, I cannot help but feel bittersweet about this moment. There is an underlying sadness of the ending to a chapter of my life. I have grown up and lived in the same town all my life (St. Charles, Illinois), and my roots are deep in the midwest. There are so many memories engrained here, and as I laid in bed last night, I could not help but reflect on them…

My Home

West of the city of St. Charles, on the outskirts of town, is a subdivision that is home to a plethora of ranch-style homes. In this subdivision, nestled on 1 1/2 acres, there is a split-level ranch with a long driveway and a mushroom painted mailbox as a marker for all the new comers who have trouble finding the address. I have lived in this house all my life.  That is my home. I know its bones, its history. I can tell you that on a summer eve, if you are swimming in the pool, you can see the fruit bats that come out to eat the bugs, and you better dive under water for shelter. I can tell you about the chorus frogs that sing in the late spring in the marsh behind our property. Or about the one room in the house, my bedroom, that is the coldest room in the winter and the hottest room in the summer. Or the apple trees in our backyard. I can go on and on, because to me, this place will always be my home.

My Friends & Family

I am someone who when it comes to friendships, chooses quality over quantity. I have always had a small group of fiends, and while these groups may have changed thought the years, there have always been one or two people who have remained close to, and I can call them lifelong friends. My first and longest friendship started when I was six, and my new neighbors moved in. They had a young daughter my age, and our first playdate turned into a 18+ year friendship. Our childhood was spend in our backyards playing make-believe, and our tween years were spent in our basements playing N64 and Playstation. I went to her wedding last May, and our friendship is irreplaceable. Then in high school, freshman year I was on the dive team. At my school, though we shared a pool with the swimmers, swimming and diving are two different worlds. However, there was a senior swimmer that took interest in me, and I became her “surrogate daughter”. Even after she graduated, we remained friends, and even bought me my first drink when I turned 21. When I started college, I remember not knowing anyone at the school, and for the first couple days, I was a ball of nerves and tears, but as fate would have it, I sat at a table with three other folks who I developed a connection with. They were my “dysfunctional family” and we would joke about our relationship. I of course was the grandma, as my responsible nature gave me that title. I kept in contact with one of the group-members, and we still call each other “grandson” and “grandma”. Lastly, there is my family at the Crystal Shop where I worked these past two years. I had only been working there for three months when we hired on a new staff member who was still in high school. When I first met him, I thought, “Oh, dear god.” as I didn’t quite appreciate his sense of humor at the time. But we slowly grew into a great duo, and even created our own podcast and music videos, which I am pretty sure are still up on Youtube. All of these people I have kept near and dear to my heart, and I cannot help but feel sadness in knowing that I won’t have those face-to-face moments as often as I had.

Like I said, it’s exciting starting a new chapter, but with starting something new means that something present will have to come to an end. All of the memories and moments I have from these past 24 years I will cherish. As I drive out today, I feel like I am leaving a part of me behind. I sort of wish I was. That I could be in two places at once. I guess that is a part of growing up. To make these tough choices, knowing that you need to leave something behind in order to move forward. I will miss you Illinois. Even though your corn fields are the worst to drive past, your temperatures fluctuate more than a PMSing woman, and you have a horrible bug problem, I will miss you.

Bronzed Heart: Letting Go Of the Ego


On my breaks at work from the Crystal shop, I enjoy going on walks down by the Fox River. There is a park on a little island in the Fox, which is a rather quaint and charming stroll through shady oaks, fresh cut grass, and city planted gardening. Today on my walk, I crossed the bridge to get onto the island, as I do many times. But this time something made me stop and think.

On the bridge was a bronzed plaque with the name of the Bridge. It was named after a specific person, first and last name, and unfortunately I cannot remember the exact name, but this bronze plaque was named after someone for a reason.

It stopped and made me think, Who was this person? What did they do to get their name on a bridge? There are many objects with bronze plaques on them, benches, schools, buildings, even a whole walk of fame in Hollywood. There are memerable names: Rockefeller, Columbus, Trump, Edison . All of people who I particularity question their morals. These men were forward-thinkers, and while they did contribute to society, it was their greed and ruthlessness that got them fame and fortune.

Many people are driven by ego. The ego to succeed and become better than everyone else. The ego to win. We prize having our names go down in history, imprinted throughout the ages in bronze plaques. Remember me, I was someone.

We are so caught up in our egos that we focus on building a tangible proof of our existence rather than letting our legacy spread on through our actions. Did we bring good into this world? Did we live a life that was full of love? Did we try and change it, to make it a better place? Activists such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Goodall, and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama may not have had the intention to live on throughout history, but their actions of love, peace, and equality have given them immortality.

We may not reach such a global impact as them, but focusing on these actions of love instead of ego can allow us to let go of that desire and insecurity of needing to be recognized by society and future generations. Instead, we are filled with peace and happiness, knowing that our actions will live on instead.

So they can keep their bronze plaques, because my heart is full of gold.

Individuality vs. Wholeness

Being a natural observer and philosopher, I have been pondering the idea of wholeness vs. individuality. The balancing act. We as a species, seek wholeness in our community. To feel a sense of love and belonging. To form social bonds. We as individuals though, seek individuality and uniqueness, through our egos. To be one of a kind. It is a goal, to seek harmony within these two views.

This rarely seems to happen though. Often times, people get this idea of wholeness mixed up with the idea of fitting in. But conforming to the limitations of “fitting in” proves failure in both wholeness and individuality, for we are not only not our true, authentic selves because of this, we do not feel that sense of wholeness and acceptance because of it. Deep down, we know that this false image we portray can never fill us with the gratitude and happiness we seek.

Our society, for the majority, is one of judgement based on differences. We see this in race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. We see and hear about this frequently, mainly in major news, but the judgments that happen daily, in our everyday lives, are the ones about the free-thinkers. The questioning minds and rebelling souls. The quirky individuals that often get teased in high school for being weird. The ones that stand out, but in our society, that is seen as a bad thing because they are different. And we judge different.

Our family, our peers, the media, they all try to fit us into this mold. But why do we want to be a copy? Why try to be like everyone else? Why try to dim that burning fire inside of us when that is the thing that shines and makes us unique? Society needs to embrace these differences instead of shun them, because in reality, we are all unique. Many of us just don’t let our uniqueness show in fear of not obtaining that sense of wholeness and acceptance.

These changes need to happen on both ends of the spectrum, from the individual level and from the public. To shift our perspective to one of acceptance for all instead of mocking those that are different. Many great minds and leaders throughout the ages were the “oddballs”, “rebels”, etc. All because they chose to allow their fires to burn within them, letting themselves be taken by passion, by an idea, or however they let their uniqueness shine. So here’s to the free-thinkers, the rebels, the outcasts, the curious minds, and the lost souls. Their bravery of being themselves is a lesson for us to take note. Through them being their authentic selves and allowing their true identities and individualites to show, they are able to find wholeness and acceptance with others that have embraced this same idea of respecting and valuing our differences just as much as our similarities. So, here’s to the odd and the weird that makes this world a little bit brighter with their shining rays.

Stay weird. Stay beautiful.

An Exciting Endeavor

My blog has gone through so many transformations. Starting off as a recovery blog for self-help and personal growth, it has transformed with me, incorporating my spirituality and interest in crystals and the metaphysical, with my love of the environment and vegan eating.

Recently, I have had another “ah-ha” moment in which I want to incorporate more into my blog. Working at the crystal shop, I have found a calling in helping people empower themselves and to connect to spirituality and energies. Being of service and helping people is something that I feel very rewarded in. After all, I am a Virgo. I also have a passion for Interior Design. Knowing that this was what I wanted to major in when I took my first design class in high school, I persevered to make this dream a reality. Now that I am in the design world, I am stuck in a sort of limbo, where I love everything still about design, from space planning to finishes and materials, but not the service side of the business. My “ah-ha” moment came when I realized that I can combine my two current jobs into my own entrepreneurial expedition. I want to open my own design store/business, where I can sell environmental and energy decor/products as well as my services as a designer, where I focus on environmental design and feng shui.

So instead of making yet another transformation to this blog, I decided to start from scratch on this new endeavor, and created a new blog called Honey Lune Hivery. In this blog, I write about connecting to the environment and our spirituality through a simplistic and holistic way of natural living. I focus mainly on energy work, vegan recipes and natural products you can make with simple ingredients. Since spirituality and the environment are what I would like to incorporate into my products and design services, I have linked my etsy account, where I will be creating products and displaying my art that connects to these aspects.

I am not big on self-promotion, but I would appreciate if you check it out. My mission is to help and serve, spreading loving energies with my work. Thank you everyone who has been a part of my journey thus far! I appreciate you all and would love your support in my future dreams.


Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

“Life is a journey, not a destination”. Written on a large river rock, this saying had caught my eye a couple weeks ago while at work. A meaningful quote, yet meaningless to my life at the time, its importance was stored in the back of my mind, waiting until today to reveal its message.

A few words that describe me are competitive and ambitious. Earning a degree in the competitive world of design, I actively pursued internship opportunities and sought chances to advance in my career. My reach was high. I wasn’t one for settling. Having a clear goal for my future, I had revolved my achievements around that.

This was my thought pattern for the past six years of my life: get a cushy job in design, advance in my career, and gain social success. Then when I didn’t get that design job right after college, I began working at the crystal shop, and my consciousness shifted, and I found myself questioning my future plans. The materialistic glamour of contact design had lost its appeal to me, and I discovered I was more interested in holistic healing and helping others in their paths towards peace and harmony. Not wanting to botch my whole design degree (and those wonderful student loans I am still paying off), my new goal for my future is to merge the two—holistic design: creating spaces and selling products that raise our vibrations and heal us through our harmonious environments.

With this new goal in mind, I am also faced with the worries of any aspiring entrepreneur: Where to start? Will I be successful? Social media keeps reminding me of others who have their own businesses and have achieved success. Even some of my friends have made advancements towards their own future, and right now, I feel stuck in limbo (or a young adult life crisis). I have started doubting myself and how I will make this dream a reality. All my thoughts are envisioning the end result I want to achieve…my destination. These worries swarmed my mind for the past few days and yesterday while on the train, the answer came to me. The saying I’ve been noticing at work, “Life is a journey, not a destination” popped into my head and eased my troubled mind. It’s funny how the universe works that way, I see these words every day and think nothing of it, and then the moment comes where I find myself struggling to understand the lesson life has presented itself to me, they pop into my head, the light bulb comes on, and I learn why I was connecting to this saying.

The future is unknown, plans change, and we may take different paths than the ones we started off on. Life is a journey, full of lessons and experiences that shape us and allow us to grow. I may be very fixated on the end result of my dream, I need to focus on the part that is going to get me there: the journey. This quote also reminds me to not turn life into a competition. I’ve been seeing other’s success and comparing them to my own dreams. Everyone’s journey is different though, and I do not know their trails and experiences that allowed them to grow and achieve their dreams. What I can do right now is focus on my own journey and enjoy the process of getting there, to learn from the experiences I gain from my growth, to remember that everything takes time, and to have fun as well! Plan for the future, but live in the present and see where this journey takes me…

Where Our Lives Take Us

Hello Blog World! Did you miss me? Probably not, but that’s okay. I was a little preoccupied these past two weeks with visiting my lovely cousin and sister in the great Pacific NorthWest. Such a beautiful area might I add. During my time there, I explored both Urban and Nature settings, by viewing many of Seattle’s districts and by taking a trip to the Olympic Peninsula to get lost in Mother Nature.

This trip wasn’t just about seeing the area, but like I had mentioned, visiting family. I was spoiled to have many intellectual and open minded conversations with my cousin and her fiancé. Our topics ranged from sociology to nutrition, as well as many life experiences that helped shape our perspectives on the world and ourselves. One of these conversations I felt was worth sharing with everyone…

A brief background to set the scene: My sister and I are very close. While we had our riffs and spats growing up, we generally got along and had a lot of bonding activities. We have a similar sense of humor and joke around a bit with each other, especially with quoting our favorite show as teens (Futurama). We also share artistic qualities, and would often spend time creating something, whether it be a painting, a store bought craft, or some Christmas ornaments.

Transitioning to adulthood, it appears that we have taken different paths in our lives. I went away to college and am in the process of starting my career. I still live at home with my folks, saving my money and paying off student loans (yay USA educational systems). I don’t have a specific religion or political ideology. I am a Vegan and a Feminist, and despite me choosing to live with my parents, I live a very independent life.

My sister on the other hand, got married at an early age to her high school boyfriend who is now active in the navy. She moved halfway across the country with him and has been taking online classes to finish up her Associate Degree and has been looking into options to pursue as a major. She is Christian, and from what I can tell, wants to have children someday. She seems to want to follow many and live the “American Dream”. Oh yea, and man can that girl down a steak.

So when I went to visit her, I got to hear a little more about her lifestyle. This gave me a better idea of the dynamics of her and her husband, him being the current “breadwinner”, and her doing many household duties like cooking and cleaning. She took his last name, which took some getting used to on my part. All of these choices she has made for herself made me a little shocked, after all, the feminist in me would not change my name when (or if ever) I get married, and for a while, it did bother me that she got married at such a young age, but after hearing about her lifestyle, and being a little taken aback, I realized why I was so shocked….because I was putting myself in her shoes, which normally is a good habit to have, but not for this situation. I keep picturing myself being a housewife and how much I would hate to be in that position, but that was me, and my sister is not me. To her, maybe being a mother and wife is the role for her, and what makes her happy. She is a different person than me, and while we have many shared similarities, respecting our differences is also important. Even though we chose different paths in life, I can still be close to my sister.

I share this story because sometimes we think others have to live similar lives to us in order to be happy or for us to accept them. I struggled with this for a while a year ago when my sister got married. I thought she was making a mistake, that she would be happier if she waited. But she has her own life, and only she knows what makes her happy. I didn’t want to ruin the relationship I had with her due to my own opinions, so I learned and changed my understanding of happiness and how others live their lives. It has brought me great peace and I can continue to grow and develop a good relationship with her for the years to come, wherever our lives take us 🙂


What a View From an Airplane Can Tell

Today I flew for the first time in over five years. I decided back in January to take a well-deserved vacation to the Pacific Northwest, and that day has finally arrived! I will be enjoying myself out here for two glorious weeks, and am sure to find lots to discuss for future blog topics.

Anyways, I flew for the first time in over five years. My family (more so my dad) gets anxiety when flying so every vacation, even those cross-country, have been roadtrips. Not that there is anything wrong with this way of travel, I am appreciative I get to see parts of the country I would of missed seeing if I were to fly. Due to time though, I opted to fly to Seattle. I used to be very nervous about flying. Hearing the horrific news stories put negative thoughts into my head, causing anxiety. Ever since I have raised my vibrations, balancing my chakras and allowing light to flow through me (dear lord I sound like a stereotypically hippie, lol, but that’s how I feel), I have noticed how these worries and negative emotions have not affected me like they used to. Instead, I experienced the most beautiful thing while taking off; I looked out the window as we started to ascend into the sky and saw the world below. I witnessed the cluster of buildings that resembled children’s toys, and the patchwork of greens that makeup the Midwest farmlands. Everything about our earth seemed so tiny. Viewing the world in this new perspective brought tears to my eyes. I had this thought come into my head as the plane rose and I saw all of the world below, that we are all connected.

I already came to realize this fact far before this flight, but seeing the “big picture” from up above brought this idea back to the forefront of my mind. Every day, many of us go about our regular routines, stuck in our own personal bubbles, ignoring all of the connections that surround us. We have our blinders on, but once you take them off and start viewing the world from multiple perspectives, it is hard to ignore all of the connections and how woven this world and our society is.

Take the nuclear plant explosion back in Japan a couple years ago. Even though that happened halfway across the globe, the radiation and chemicals from that traveled to our shores and has affected our lives in the process. And that idea of the six degrees of separation? It is amazing how everything in this world is sewn together, and once you acknowledge this fact, it’s amazing the experiences on can have on a much more personal level. It’s that idea of awareness and consciousness that can help us grow internally, but allow better changes for our society as well. Once we start realizing this, it is my hope that we can act upon these connections, making choices that have the intent of the “whole” in mind that can better our society and ourselves in the process, and to appreciate the beautiful connections, such as the view from an airplane window.

Transformations, a Shift in Consciousness, and a Reflection into Myself…Oh My!

The past year of my life has been quite a time of transformations for me! Physically (in somewhat of a sequential order), I overcame my eating disorder, started practicing yoga, spent more time out in nature, took more environmental approaches to life, and became vegan. For someone who for over a decade of her life made no efforts to improve her physical health, ate GMO and processed foods, stayed cooped up indoors and had the hobbies of surfing the internet, binging on Netflix (as well as a bag of Doritos), and playing countless hours of video games, I have certainly made leaps and bounds within the span of 14 months.

I have transformed mentally also. As well as overcoming my eating disorder physically, I arose from it mentally, which took more push and determination that I ever thought I was capable of.  I rediscovered my interests, and now have so many, I never get bored like I used to, which is why I turned to electronic devices to pass the time. My mental disorders of social anxiety, depression, and O.C.D. dissipated, and my self-esteem grew. I grew a back-bone for myself, became less submissive/people pleasing, and realized whose shit I didn’t have to put up with (primarily ex-boyfriends). I removed these toxic people from my life and started discovering peace and joy returning to myself. My mother actually made a comment to me a while back, during the point where I was still on the endless career search (which was quite frustrating and discouraging at points) and had just broken up with my boyfriend of two and a half years, who I had developed a deep friendship and dependency towards. She said, “Wow Marissa, you have no job and no boyfriend, yet I have never seen you so happy”. This surprised me as well, seeing as in the past, I had always looked towards these external stimuli to comfort me. It was a sign that I was finding inner happiness.

My most recent transformation has been within the last two months. A LOT has happened (really? more so that everything you have mentioned?). Why yes imaginary reader! Aside from the eventful life changes of getting a job in my career field and starting a new relationship, I have been going through some “inexpiable” yet “explainable” soul shifts. It may not make sense to a lot of people, but for those of you who are aware of the consciousness and awakening/evolving of the soul, then you may understand what I am talking about and experiencing….

The start of my awakening process, that really started the ball rolling, was the series of karmic/life lessons that I need to overcome. According to my natal chart, my North Node, which represents what I need to work on in order to achieve more fulfillment in this life, is Sagittarius. I need to see the big picture of things, follow my intuition, and live a truthful life, instead of falling back to my Gemini South Node comfort zone of being fickle, getting caught up in the tiny details, and leading a superficial life. I would like to think that I have overcome this karmic lesson, for I have grown in all these aspects according to what the universe has thrown at me. I have discovered my voice, and have expanded my perception, realizing the connections all around me. I have achieved balance in my life, through my body and mind, but now my soul, allowing the dualities I once had, such as introvert/extrovent, mental/emotional, to blend to a single unity. To achieve wholeness.

So that was the first major step in my awakening. Getting all these karmic issues resolved. The second part of my awakening process happened in two parts that have over-lapped one another. I have been seeing a lot of synchronizations or “Angel Numbers” as I like to refer them to. These numbers, such as 11:11, hold meaning when repetitively seen. For a while now, I have been seeing the ones and elevens, which is a sign to remain positive, for my thoughts are manifesting. Yay! It’s nice for me to see them, because it is a reminder to myself of the connections of the universe and that there is greater power beyond our 3D world. Besides the Angel Numbers, I have been noticing some internal changes that made me question things…

I am an empath. An empath can easily pick up the emotions and energies of another person and become very effected by them. I have always been a sensitive person, more touchy-feely than most, and was ridiculed for it. This part of me shut down during my eating disorder, but returned once I started healing my body and mind. Working in retail as well as at a crystal shop that deals with energies, I was constantly picking up others emotions and misjudging them as my own. I would get this heaviness in my heart, like some dark energy leeched itself on. But also being an empath, I am blessed with this gift of sensitivity. Call me crazy, but I do love the sense I get when I step into the forest and am filled with such awe that I tear up, or get oddly excited when I see something others would find mundane, such as a dandelion growing through the cracks of a concrete sidewalk. I love having these intense feelings (side note, people with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio are often empaths). So anyway, recently, I have noticed that I haven’t been effected by others emotions, that my heart does not hurt, or that I feel energetically overwhelmed. That’s good, right? Well, aside from that, I am also not finding the intense emotions in my daily life, such as getting teary eyed at a moving video or elated with child-like wonder. That is the concerning part. It was causing me much worry because I loved that part of being empathic. Well, at this time, like I mentioned, I was/still am seeing Angel Numbers reminding me to stay positive and that my Guides are with me.

Speaking of my Guides, within the last two months, while these other occurrences were happening, I was able to hear my guide for the first time. This happened to me when I was doing a tarot reading. Normally when doing a reading, I rely on my feelings/intuition to tell me when to stop shuffling and lay my spread out, but seeing as at this time my feelings were a little wacked, I found it difficult to rely on this aspect. While shuffling though, I heard a distinct voice in my head telling me to “Stop”. That is when I laid out my cards, and found that I had a very accurate reading.

Other things that have been happening in regards to me consciously evolving are that I have been picking up the energies of crystals more so. I love to make grids. Last Thursday, the same day I heard one of my guides, I made a grid for my boyfriend who was returning from Seattle after looking at the Natropathic schools the area has to offer. Wanting him to have a safe return home, I set up a grid that was to aid in protection and safe travel. My boss, who is extremely gifted in multi-dimensional communications and matters of energy, loved my grid, but suggested that I add black tourmaline to it. I did, and man, did I feel the intense amount of energy that radiated from that grid. I actually had to take a step back because of the heat I felt.

And now I am experiencing the physical symptoms of getting sick. What does sickness have to do with shifting my consciousness? Well many people claim that it is one of the physical symptoms experienced. I know this isn’t my typical sickness, because I have only ever gotten colds, and being very self-aware, know the precise order of symptoms and length of time of my colds. This is new. I have a sore throat, headache, sore neck, stuffy nose and have been experiencing hot and cold flashes. Another physical symptom is the vividness of my dreams. I had two very vivid dreams last night that I can still recall in great detail. So with these physical symptoms as well as the other intense changes that have been happening to me recently, I feel a new shift in consciousness, that my vibrations are raising, and to keep remaining positive despite the yucky physical ailments and stagnation of feelings.

I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms in their shifts or just would like to hear your personal stories! As always, peace and love.


The Wisdom of TEDTalks

Tonight I decided to watch a TEDTalk….which turned into me binge watching around six. TedTalks range on a variety of topics, but I focus my viewing attention more heavily on Talks dedicated for the mind, soul, happiness, and positive change in our society. The videos usually are no more than half and hour, which is just about the amount of time my attention span can allow. Each Talk is filled with such knowledge and wisdom, I take something meaningful away from each video.

Watching TEDTalks have been a great way for me to not only evolve mentally, but spiritually as well. I don’t watch a lot of television anymore. In my younger days, I would spend a good chunk of my day watching mindless television just to kill time. Now since I have evolved spiritually and mentally, when I decide to watch something, I prefer it to either be mentally stimulating or emotionally profound. TEDTalks are a good mixture of both. More often than not, I need to grab a tissue mid-talk because listening to the speakers share their stories and lessons, I am filled with empathy and moved by their words. I get filled with the warm and fuzzies at the end and crave the next TEDTalk…hence the binge.

So trying to get back track here, TEDTalks have been something that has helped me through bettering myself. I am learning new methods that I can implement into my daily practices, or just learning about new things in general and expanding my mind. It creates more of an awareness of issues in the world, socially, environmentally, mentally, etc. Like I said, there are so many TEDTalk topics out there, finding something that resonates with you isn’t difficult. I’ve compiled a brief list of some of the TEDTalks that I have personally enjoyed. I’d love to hear what other TEDTalks have inspired, motivated, or just touched you!

1. Kevin Breel: Confessions of a Depressed CoAmic

2. Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame

3.  Courtney Martin: This isn’t Your Mother’s Feminism 

4. Liza Donnelly: Drawing Upon Humor For Change

5. Andy Puddicombe: All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

6. Zak Ebrahim: I am the Son of a Terrorist. Here’s How I Chose Peace