Tip to Self: Remember to Have Fun along the Way

So I am not sure if you are aware or not, but I no longer live in the state of Illinois. In fact, I have moved out of the Midwest to live life in the Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend, Tom. Just two weeks ago, we packed up our cars and drove about 2,000 miles to Seattle, Washington. We are both starting new chapters in our lives. He is attending Bastyr School of Naturopathic Medicine, while I plan to develop my career in Interior Design.

Even though I am an efficient planner, organizer, and manager, moving to a new city can frazzle the best of us. It is stepping into the unknown with the hope and inner wisdom that it will all be worth it in the end. These past two weeks have weighed heavily on my stress and emotions. I’ve even broken down in a Wholefoods, which seems to be a theme in my Seattle Wholefood experiences. I wish I could blame it all on the full moon, but I had a realization that I am just someone who likes ‘knowing’. This whole ‘stepping out into the unknown’ has put my desire for peace, order, and control into full-drive and my sanity can only take so much…

We are at the stage now of organizing our apartment. Usually, I like organizing, but it’s quite a challenge when you’re trying to fit three cars worth of stuff into 325 square feet of space (I guess my dream of ‘tiny living’ is coming true). Anywho, I’ve gotten to unpacking my crystals. Maybe it’s the energy, I don’t know, but unwrapping my earthy beauties from their newspaper packaging filled me with the feeling of Christmas day as a child. All the excitement and joy I got when I got to touch and see them made me relax, and for the first time in a while, I was calm. I wasn’t thinking about the millions of things we still need to do. I was living in the moment. I was having fun.

This experience made me realize that I need to have more moments like these. That I need to allow myself more moments like these. Yes, I am someone who likes order and having a plan. But I also need to have fun every now and then. Sometimes I think of fun as childish, but sometimes being childish is the key to a happier and healthier self. Note to self: Act more like a child.


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