Reflection: A Balance of Self-Improvement and Self -Acceptance

Hello Blog World!

Sorry that it’s been a while since I last posted anything. Recently I have been focusing on getting my business and lifestyle blog, Honey Lune Hivery, off the ground. Every now and then though, something occurs in my life that connects to the growth of mind, body, and soul, which is what Tortuga de Lune was established for.

Probably the other reason that I rarely post is that honestly, life has been pretty good to me. All aspects of my life are for the most part, balanced and at peace. Because of this, I have not been consciously focused on the tasks I once did regularly to strengthen my mental well-being. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally slacking, but I’ve been focusing my attention on other self-improvement activities.

Tonight though, while I was doing my restorative yoga, my mind started to wander off and reflect. I reflected about myself. I thought about how far I have come as a person, my achievements and growth. I also started to think about what improvements I still would like to make. This sort of lead into a slippery slope of then thinking about my flaws. The Virgo that I am, I started to analyze and criticize myself, thinking about the things I needed to work on to make me an even better person. I had to stop myself.

Oddly enough, reflecting on reflecting, I realized that it was something, while beneficial for self-growth and happiness, could also lead to my anxieties of inadequacy. There needed to be a balance of knowing what I needed to work on, but also knowing and accepting some of my “weaknesses” as they are. I am not perfect, and despite my Virgo mentality of striving towards perfection, I will never BE perfect. Realizing that I am only human, I can accept that I do have “weaknesses”. That being said, I know that I can improve my weaknesses if I am conscious of them and mindfully try to work on them each day. If I slip up, it is not my job to reflect about my faults in a negative manner, but instead to focus on the positive goal of trying again the next day and never giving up.

Like I said, reflection is a great tool, but tools can be used in different ways. The goal is to balance the duality of ourselves. The positive and negative sides of reflection. The self-improvement vs. the self-acceptance. As everything seems to be, it all comes down to balance.



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