How to Achieve Balance within Your Life

As a child, I excelled at balancing. Climbing trees, doing cartwheels, and dancing all helped in this natural ability. Despite this physical capability, I had a hard time in balancing aspects of my life. I would spend hours watching TV, or way too much time on one portion of what made up my life. This unbalance infiltrated in my mind, which led to the coined term “black and white thinking”. My thoughts and views were on the extreme ends of the scale. They was no “grey ground”. Because of this, areas of my life suffered. I was unproductive, unhappy, and unhealthy.

When I started my own journey on self-healing, I focused on bringing balance back into my life. In return to gaining balance, I found myself becoming happier and healthier. In my discovery of balance, I gained my own personal tools to achieving harmony.


Yoga is more that just physical balance. It is a disciplined practice that involves stillness and strength of the mind. These two opposing ideas blend together in holding poses and focusing on the breath and body. Yoga showcases determination and calmness. It is a gentle power with in us emerging. I realized this power within me when I first started yoga. From practicing poses and counter poses, as well as this balance of yin and yang energies, yoga was a gateway into bringing more balance into my life.


While it is not good to get stuck in a rut because of it, having a routine was something that helped me in physically balancing out the aspects of my life. By following the guidelines of a daily list I set up for myself, I was able to be more productive, and my health and happiness improved. Everyone’s routine is different, but for me, my health was very important. I had neglected that for such a long time, that it had become my top priority. Each day, I make a goal to myself to do something that helps my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Another helpful tool, mindfulness was so beneficial. Being aware and conscious of when I was off balance, I could refocus my attention on how to harmonize this. I looked at the balance around me, through yin-yang energies, the sun and moon, light and dark, earth and sky. When I noticed the balance around me, it made me see and want to achieve the balance within myself.

I had finally found balance in my life. Noticing that like the scale that often tips, our lives are not always going to be “in-balance”. We too may “tip” slightly every now and again, but by learning about balance, we can more easily help in reharmonizing our scales.


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