An Exciting Endeavor

My blog has gone through so many transformations. Starting off as a recovery blog for self-help and personal growth, it has transformed with me, incorporating my spirituality and interest in crystals and the metaphysical, with my love of the environment and vegan eating.

Recently, I have had another “ah-ha” moment in which I want to incorporate more into my blog. Working at the crystal shop, I have found a calling in helping people empower themselves and to connect to spirituality and energies. Being of service and helping people is something that I feel very rewarded in. After all, I am a Virgo. I also have a passion for Interior Design. Knowing that this was what I wanted to major in when I took my first design class in high school, I persevered to make this dream a reality. Now that I am in the design world, I am stuck in a sort of limbo, where I love everything still about design, from space planning to finishes and materials, but not the service side of the business. My “ah-ha” moment came when I realized that I can combine my two current jobs into my own entrepreneurial expedition. I want to open my own design store/business, where I can sell environmental and energy decor/products as well as my services as a designer, where I focus on environmental design and feng shui.

So instead of making yet another transformation to this blog, I decided to start from scratch on this new endeavor, and created a new blog called Honey Lune Hivery. In this blog, I write about connecting to the environment and our spirituality through a simplistic and holistic way of natural living. I focus mainly on energy work, vegan recipes and natural products you can make with simple ingredients. Since spirituality and the environment are what I would like to incorporate into my products and design services, I have linked my etsy account, where I will be creating products and displaying my art that connects to these aspects.

I am not big on self-promotion, but I would appreciate if you check it out. My mission is to help and serve, spreading loving energies with my work. Thank you everyone who has been a part of my journey thus far! I appreciate you all and would love your support in my future dreams.



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