Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

“Life is a journey, not a destination”. Written on a large river rock, this saying had caught my eye a couple weeks ago while at work. A meaningful quote, yet meaningless to my life at the time, its importance was stored in the back of my mind, waiting until today to reveal its message.

A few words that describe me are competitive and ambitious. Earning a degree in the competitive world of design, I actively pursued internship opportunities and sought chances to advance in my career. My reach was high. I wasn’t one for settling. Having a clear goal for my future, I had revolved my achievements around that.

This was my thought pattern for the past six years of my life: get a cushy job in design, advance in my career, and gain social success. Then when I didn’t get that design job right after college, I began working at the crystal shop, and my consciousness shifted, and I found myself questioning my future plans. The materialistic glamour of contact design had lost its appeal to me, and I discovered I was more interested in holistic healing and helping others in their paths towards peace and harmony. Not wanting to botch my whole design degree (and those wonderful student loans I am still paying off), my new goal for my future is to merge the two—holistic design: creating spaces and selling products that raise our vibrations and heal us through our harmonious environments.

With this new goal in mind, I am also faced with the worries of any aspiring entrepreneur: Where to start? Will I be successful? Social media keeps reminding me of others who have their own businesses and have achieved success. Even some of my friends have made advancements towards their own future, and right now, I feel stuck in limbo (or a young adult life crisis). I have started doubting myself and how I will make this dream a reality. All my thoughts are envisioning the end result I want to achieve…my destination. These worries swarmed my mind for the past few days and yesterday while on the train, the answer came to me. The saying I’ve been noticing at work, “Life is a journey, not a destination” popped into my head and eased my troubled mind. It’s funny how the universe works that way, I see these words every day and think nothing of it, and then the moment comes where I find myself struggling to understand the lesson life has presented itself to me, they pop into my head, the light bulb comes on, and I learn why I was connecting to this saying.

The future is unknown, plans change, and we may take different paths than the ones we started off on. Life is a journey, full of lessons and experiences that shape us and allow us to grow. I may be very fixated on the end result of my dream, I need to focus on the part that is going to get me there: the journey. This quote also reminds me to not turn life into a competition. I’ve been seeing other’s success and comparing them to my own dreams. Everyone’s journey is different though, and I do not know their trails and experiences that allowed them to grow and achieve their dreams. What I can do right now is focus on my own journey and enjoy the process of getting there, to learn from the experiences I gain from my growth, to remember that everything takes time, and to have fun as well! Plan for the future, but live in the present and see where this journey takes me…


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