Chakra Animal Guides: What they are and how to find your own

One side of the metaphysical I connected with on my journey of the self was learning about my animal guides. Native Americans and Shamans believe that animals hold lessons to be taught and have spiritual/inspirational powers attached to them. They believe in Totem Animals, which are animals that connect and follow you for life, in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Connecting to this notion of totem animal guides with the energy fields within our bodies known as chakras, we have chakra animal guides, or an animal that correlate with each chakra. Each chakra houses a specific set of functions in our body that helps us achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and unity when properly functioning, and the animal guide associated with that chakra is a way to assist us with this balance.

A watercolor I created of my chakra animals.

A watercolor I created of my chakra animals.

Our animal guides represent and reflect many characteristics we possess. They also have a lesson associated with them, which typically is something we need to learn in order for us to achieve karmic growth.  For example, one of my animals is the bee. The lesson that the bee tells is to slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life and the fruits of your labor. This has been a lesson that I have struggled with and thankfully overcame, but for a while, I was so caught up in my head, too focused on my thoughts and all work and no play. The bee helped me realize to slow down, I only get one life, and I need to enjoy it!

So how do we find out our animal guides and connect them more specifically to our seven chakras? Only you can discover your animal guides. It isn’t something someone can tell you, because it is a discovery of the self. There are some guide lines (no pun intended) to help you figure out your guides though.

How to Find Out your Animal Guides

A good way to get started is by finding out your seven animal guides before you connect them to a specific chakra. Think of your favorite animals. Chances are one or more of them is a guide. I have always had a love for frogs. It turns out, it was one of my chakra animals, specifically my throat charka. Maybe you don’t have seven favorite animals. Are there any animals that have been popping up in your life recently, or you have been fascinated with? They could be your guides as well. I have had an interest with octopi, though not my favorite animal, they have captured my curiosity with their grace and mystery. Turns out, this animal is my sacral chakra guide. Similarly, are there any animals you are afraid of? These could also be guides, and being afraid of them can mean that there is a strong lesson to learn from these animals. Compile a list of animals to work with.

Now that you have a list of animals that you connect with, it is time to find out their meanings. There are a bunch of different websites to go to find the symbolism and representation of animals. I personally like Shamanic Journey, because they give you a detailed description of the powers associated with each animal as well as background of the animal and some brief history of the ways that the animal has been linked to Shamanic practices. Write down the meanings of each of the animals on your list.

After figuring out the meanings behind each animal, time to sort through the list and to connect an animal to each chakra. It is good to know what each chakra represents. Again, there are multiple websites for chakras. Once you know this, you can determine which one of the animals matches to each chakra. Look at the characteristics of each animal and what they represent. For example, the animal that connects to my solar plexus chakra is the bee. The bee represents hard work and service to others. It is known also as a symbol of joy and rebirth, connecting to the Egyptian sun god Ra. The solar plexus is the chakra that houses our identity/ego, our sense of joy and warmth, and connects to the ruling planet of the sun. Finding these similarities and connections between the animals and the chakras, you can ween through which animals are truly your chakra animal guides!

If all else fails, a good way to determine which animal is a chakra guide is through intuition. It sounds so silly, but truly, your gut feeling is so important. We have it for a reason. So if you just have a feeling that the dragonfly is your third eye guide, it probably is.

Happy self discovery.


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