Exciting New Changes!

Hello All!

Remember a while back when I said that I was working on new changes to my blog….well well well, they are here! Inspiration has clicked! Nine months ago when I started this blog, it was more geared towards a recovery blog, focusing mainly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I was still in the process of self-discovery, and used this blog as a tool for that, sharing my experiences, and learning about myself in the process. Nine months later, I know who I am, and have the strong sense of it too! No “maybes” here.

Since this blog reflects me, it is time for a change in the subject matter. I want this blog to not only reflect who I am as a person, but still to share and inspire others who have similar mindsets and/or interests as myself. So who am I?

I am relatively the same person. I still am quirky, health conscious, new age, etc. But I felt as if my interests were not coming across that strongly in my posts. Starting today, I am reworking my blog to provide structure to these aspects of my life. I am still Tortuga de Lune: Body Mind Soul, but hopefully now there will be more organization to my posts.

The “Body” portion of my blog will be dedicated to Vegan recipes (that I concoct) and Natural Eco living through DIY products and tips to living a natural, environmentally friendly life.

The “Mind” portion of my blog will be dedicated to mental/emotional health, consisting of posts that may include something along the lines of “10 Steps to Destressing” or “Ways Nature can improve your Mood”.

Lastly, the “Soul” portion will focus on Metaphysical, mainly crystal pairings and grids! I love making crystal grids and pairing stones for certain purposes, such as Lucid Dreaming, connecting to a specific Chakra, etc.

So there you go! Happy exploring 🙂


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