What a View From an Airplane Can Tell

Today I flew for the first time in over five years. I decided back in January to take a well-deserved vacation to the Pacific Northwest, and that day has finally arrived! I will be enjoying myself out here for two glorious weeks, and am sure to find lots to discuss for future blog topics.

Anyways, I flew for the first time in over five years. My family (more so my dad) gets anxiety when flying so every vacation, even those cross-country, have been roadtrips. Not that there is anything wrong with this way of travel, I am appreciative I get to see parts of the country I would of missed seeing if I were to fly. Due to time though, I opted to fly to Seattle. I used to be very nervous about flying. Hearing the horrific news stories put negative thoughts into my head, causing anxiety. Ever since I have raised my vibrations, balancing my chakras and allowing light to flow through me (dear lord I sound like a stereotypically hippie, lol, but that’s how I feel), I have noticed how these worries and negative emotions have not affected me like they used to. Instead, I experienced the most beautiful thing while taking off; I looked out the window as we started to ascend into the sky and saw the world below. I witnessed the cluster of buildings that resembled children’s toys, and the patchwork of greens that makeup the Midwest farmlands. Everything about our earth seemed so tiny. Viewing the world in this new perspective brought tears to my eyes. I had this thought come into my head as the plane rose and I saw all of the world below, that we are all connected.

I already came to realize this fact far before this flight, but seeing the “big picture” from up above brought this idea back to the forefront of my mind. Every day, many of us go about our regular routines, stuck in our own personal bubbles, ignoring all of the connections that surround us. We have our blinders on, but once you take them off and start viewing the world from multiple perspectives, it is hard to ignore all of the connections and how woven this world and our society is.

Take the nuclear plant explosion back in Japan a couple years ago. Even though that happened halfway across the globe, the radiation and chemicals from that traveled to our shores and has affected our lives in the process. And that idea of the six degrees of separation? It is amazing how everything in this world is sewn together, and once you acknowledge this fact, it’s amazing the experiences on can have on a much more personal level. It’s that idea of awareness and consciousness that can help us grow internally, but allow better changes for our society as well. Once we start realizing this, it is my hope that we can act upon these connections, making choices that have the intent of the “whole” in mind that can better our society and ourselves in the process, and to appreciate the beautiful connections, such as the view from an airplane window.


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