Transitioning and Transforming…A New Chapter?

So I do apologize, for it has been sometime since I last posted anything. As life goes, well sometimes it can be very busy. This past weekend, I went down South with my boyfriend to help him move into his apartment for school. While doing that took up the majority of my weekend, I have also been in an inspirational rut. Normally I blog when some force of inspiration/passion hits me like a tidal wave, but recently, I have found it rather difficult to gain that powerful urge. This has gotten me into some serious self-reflection regarding my blog. My blog days are not over (I do not wish them to be, because I love writing about ideas/topics that I believe can help others, or that have just helped me), but I am finding it challenging to think of topics to write about. I started this blog based on self-improvement and recovery. It was sort of like an electronic tab of everything I had done that has helped me in my recovery, and while I encouraged others to use these tools that I have used for their own stories of self-help, this blog was mainly for myself.

Now I have come to this weird realization that my life is in balance. That I am healthy, mind-body-soul. Typically, I write when a problem in my life arises. I hate to brag, but my life has been pretty darn great recently. I have three great jobs, two of which are in the field I went to school for (Interior Design), and the other is working at a crystal shop, where I get to nourish my soul and help people consciously evolve through the understanding of energies. My relationships are great. I have wonderful, supporting, loving friends and family who I can be myself around. Not too long ago, I also met this amazing guy who I feel I can share my soul with (sounds a little cliche and cheesy, I know). My health is in check, I am happy, and life is just awesome. I am in balance, which is what I was striving to achieve. But now since I reached a point of wholeness, I am not sure what, or how often, my future posts will look like. Granted, the future is unknown, but I feel that I will be writing more in my SOUL tab, dealing with Energy work and crystals, since I am very knowledgeable in this matter but haven’t really discussed this too deeply. Most Westerners are unaware that they have this energy field, or aura, and this too can become unhealthy. A lot of Easterners know about their energy fields, otherwise known as Chi (life force) or Chakras. An unbalanced energy field or specific chakras can be the main source of many disease, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Since working at a place that deals heavily in these topics of energy, crystals, chakras, the metaphysical, and shamanism, I want to inform and spread my knowledge.

I will also be discussing more healthy Vegan meals and adding more to my Natural Living tab. Every now and then, I will probably add posts to my MIND section. I know that when I started this blog, the majority of my posts were Mind oriented, since that is where a great deal of my unhealthiness stemmed from. But since I have written many posts in this area, I need to balance out the other sections of my blog. Life is all about balance right? I also believe that a healthy mind is a strong foundation for a healthy body and soul, since the mind controls our motivations and attitudes to push ourselves and change these other areas of ourselves.

So I encourage you to follow along still and thank you for being apart of my journey. This new(ish) chapter is still full of positivity, but it focuses a little more on my interests and what makes up Tortuga de Lune. After all, this blog is called “Tortuga de Lune: Body Mind Soul”. Peace and love!


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