The Connections Between Astrology and Psychology

I am pretty fascinated with the idea of astrology and how the alignment of the planets can reveal parts of our personality. It is a practice that has been around for over 2,000 years and has been used by many different cultures, way before the science of psychology. That being said, the study of psychology also greatly interests me. People-watching and figuring out how the human mind works is a hobby of mine-one of many. It is a sort of juxtaposition to some, astrology and psychology. To me though, the two are limbs of the same beast: discovery of the self. One shows us how our environment and past experiences have shaped who we are, the other shows us how the celestial bodies have influenced our identities. I have used both in my journey of self-discovery and have found a large amount of comparisons and aspects of each that coincide with one another.

Taking a look through a psychologist’s eye, which is the main scope of the “MIND” section of my blog, I was at an unhealthy state: depressed, anxious, a long list of professionally coined terms such as A.D.D., O.C.D., E.D. (I sound like I belong on Sesame Street with all of these letters). Looking at myself in this aspect, my sensitive nature, need to control and passiveness are factors that aided in the formation of my eating disorder. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I changed my mindset. I stopped being depressed and anxious. I beat my eating disorder and found happiness within myself. So that is all from a psychology basis. Switching gears and seeing similarities in astrology, i know that my sun sign (the planet that is responsible for our ego/personality) is Virgo. Virgos have the traits of being analysts, perfectionists, and critical, especially on themselves. I also have a moon sign (which influences our behaviors and feelings) of Scorpio, which is a water sign and very sensitive and emotional. These factors, in my opinion, also led to my eating disorder, but also having Scorpio in my moon led me to my recovery. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is all about transformations. When I am today from where I was a year ago is truly a transformation.

I have also used these tools in the pursuit of understanding others. I was seeing a guy for a while who from a psychologist standpoint, has an acute Borderline Personality Disorder. This could have stemmed from his childhood, where he was neglected as a middle child or didn’t receive enough attention, and grew through his teenage years, where him and his parents constantly butted heads due to his rebellious nature. This is reflected in his natal chart. His Ascendant is Cancer, making him very a very sensitive person. His moon sign is Aries, giving him impulsive, overactive and temperamental behaviors. His South Node (which shows what we struggle with within ourselves or our karmic lesson) is Capricorn, which tells that he has difficulty admitting fault and taking responsibility for his actions. His sun sign is a Gemini, the most child-like of the Zodiac. All these traits (and more) connect to the modern psychological idea of Borderline Personality Disorder. I have also linked the two when I view family members and friends. Realizing how their natal chart is linked to their psychological behaviors.

Now I use these tools to help in my self-discovery. It is my beliefs, so it doesn’t mean that I am right/wrong. It is just how I view things and the connections I notice. I have also noticed similar connections in other methods of self-discovery, such as numerology. If this idea appeals to you, or you would like to learn more about yourself through astrology, you can go here, to get a free natal chart for yourself. Happy discovering!


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