Creativity: The Power of Self-Expression

One of my many creative outlets is art. This was the start of one of my collages which expressed my whimsicality with fancy folk, mushrooms, and randomosity.

One of my many creative outlets is art. This was the start of one of my collages which expressed my whimsicality with fancy folk, mushrooms, and randomosity.

I am very blessed to have been born into a creative family, or at least a creative mother. My mother graduated with a degree in art. She implemented arts and crafts into my childhood, some of which included drawing and painting. This was the start of me unleashing my creative powers. Being artistic and being creative are slightly different. I think a lot of people can become good at something if they put in enough practice, such as learning to play guitar or taking cooking classes, but it is another thing to think up an original, unique idea. Having a wild imagination helped me as a child come up with new ideas, which I expressed through the form of creativity. Creativity has been something that has helped my mind and my soul, sparking a passion within me and increasing my happiness.

The big thing that creativity has done is that it has been a tool of self-expression for me. I know far too well now that it is unhealthy to keep emotions locked up inside me. I am after all a sensitive person who needs to express all my feelings in order to be healthy. Even though I have always been creative, I never realized how beneficial it was for my overall health until I started to reflect and analyze myself. If I feel sad, I write poetry to release these sad feelings in a healthy coping strategy. If I am angry, I dance my butt off. I don’t just emit negativity and hurt through creativity, but I also bring positivity and joy when I am creative. I watercolor, draw, dance, and cook to release happiness. It works both ways: releasing positivity and/or negativity. It is the perfect tool!

Another reason why creativity is so important to me is because it is connecting to my heart. Similarly to how being creative is good for expressing emotions, or my mental well-being, it is also a reflection onto my soul and spiritual wellness. When that creative fire fuels me, I am nourishing my soul and putting a part of myself into my work. When I do something creative and with passion, my energy is magnifying, and I am radiating from my heart and emitting love into what I am doing. It allows me to use my imagination also. I had to throw that one in there because I never want to lose that part of me. Having an imagination is something that keeps my young spirit alive and brings joy into my life.

Whatever your creative outlet maybe, musically, artistically, through writing, cooking or crafting, I encourage you to tap into that and notice how it makes you feel to do those things, to make something unique, to give a bit of your soul into a form of expression.


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