Balance and Relationships

What is important when it comes to relationships? When I use the term relationships, I mean relationships of all sorts, friendships, partnerships, etc, but primarily romantic relationships, since many of us seek that in our lives. I feel there is a large portion of our society that value surface components on what they seek in their relationships. Some people value appearances. While sexual chemistry is important in romantic relationships, having physical “beauty” can only take a relationship so far. Looks fade and so will that connection if that is all the relationship is based on. You are only satisfying your root chakra energy, that energy that drives our sexual primal instincts. This energy also drives our sense of materialism, so some relationships maybe driven by possessions and materialistic values if they are solely derived from the root chakra. Some people seek relationships based upon the solar plexus chakra, which satisfies the image we portray to society. Some relationships are valued by the status we have in society. This is one of the reasons some people will date or have friends in select groups, such as dating lawyers for their high value in our modern world. Other people will find someone who connects on the heart chakra, of being compassionate, caring, and loving, but don’t find physically attractive or connect with on other levels.

Every relationship is different, as are people’s values on what is meaningful for their relationships. Based on an energy standpoint, but also tying into my own values, I believe that there should be a balance with all chakras, because relationships need balance in order to be healthy. See, I am connecting to health here, and when our relationships focus on only a primary aspect or certain level, we cannot evolve and grow with our partners. Say a couple is so focused on sex. Okay, well on a physical level, things may be great, but mentally, there maybe a connection lacking as well as emotionally/spiritually. To me I guess, having a balanced relationship doesn’t seem like such a hard concept, but I am continuously surprised by the amount of people who build relationships that way. I have always seeked out meaningful relationships, romantic and platonic. The idea of having a one-dimensional relationship with someone saddened me, because I am multi-faceted and being able to only connect with someone on one level would leave these other areas of myself untouched and stiffened. But like I said, that is me. I look for balance in relationships, and through having a balance of a mental, physical, and emotional connection with someone, I am able to achieve meaning. I think that there should be something of value for every chakra level when it comes to relationships. It could be if finding someone physically attractive (root chakra), have a sense of intimacy (sacral chakra), being able to laugh with them (solar plexus chakra), being compassionate and caring for one another (heart chakra), having open and honest communication (throat chakra), having intellectual conversations (third eye chakra), and through these chakras, connecting to the crown chakra of unity and wholeness with a partner.

In any case, it is what you seek and deem important in your relationships, but as you should balance yourself in order to be healthy, your relationships should balance as well for harmony and happiness.


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