My Past Lives And This One

So If you stumble across my instagram, you’ll notice that I decided to dress up like an Egyptian today. I believe that my soul is eternal and has had many past lives. One of these lives being in Ancient Egypt. Everyone has their own beliefs on the spirit and where the soul goes after our bodies die. I believe in the spirit science of energy and other dimensions. Energy never gets created or destroyed…simply transferred. Once my energy leaves my psychical body, it will manifest into a new form. Reincarnation I suppose is a way to look at it. Any who, I believe that besides Egypt, a few of my past lives included some time in one of the Chinese Dynasties, one of the Native American Tribes, and another as a gypsy. There is no facts to support this, I am just following a strong feeling I have. I am following my intuition.

So to tag team off this idea of my past lives, I also “believe” in astrology. I hate to use the term “beliefs”, but again, it isn’t a hard science. The planets hold amazing powers already. The moon synchronizes to women’s menstrual cycles and affects our tides, while the sun supports growth and life on our planet. The notion that our date of birth and the position of the planets in our sky have effects on who we are as a person should be no different. My astrological sun sign, which represents my self-expression, is Virgo. Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin. While many people use the word Virgin to represent someone who has abstained from having sex, Virgin also means purity. Virgos are cleanly, pure hearted, and health conscious. This is what makes us “pure”. They also are very mind oriented people, who love to analyze and problem solve (we are ruled by Mercury after all, the Mental planet). Being an earth sign, Virgos are down to earth, easy going, and loyal. It is also a negative element (Yin), which means we are introverted and like to build security when forming relationships. Now that is my sun sign. My moon sign and rising sign are Scorpio the Scorpion. Your moon sign is associated with your subconscious, your deepest needs and what helps you feel emotionally secure. Your rising sign (also called your ascendant) can affect your appearance, attitude, and the way you come across to others. Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto, which is the planet of transformation. We are very intense and emotionally driven. We are secretive and crave passion. Scorpios are also Yin, and are more emotion and introspective. Their element is water, which is associated with intuition, emotions, and mystery.

Having both Yin signs, I am an introvert. I am grounded, logical, practical, and helpful because of my Virgo earth sign, but am sensitive, intense, emotional, and protective because of my Scorpio water sign. Due to my Scorpio in my ascendant and moon signs, I have embraced transformation. Through transforming myself over the past year with my body and mind, and now transforming my spirit and raising my consciousness. This is where the bit about my past lives comes in. I think that in order to evolve your soul and continue with the process of reincarnation, one has specific tasks and challenges they need to overcome in this life to “move up in the ranks”. I believe that one of my challenges in life is to speak up and be more authoritative. To use my voice. This is also evident in my Throat Chakra animal spirit being a Frog, which symbolizes transformation as well, but that is a whole another topic to weave into, and I am not trying to write a novel here!

Astrology plays into this task I need to accomplish in order to evolve. I am introverted, pure hearted, kind, helpful, sensitive, protective and emotional. To sum it up, I never want to see others hurt due to me being so pure hearted and sensitive myself, so I keep my thoughts and feelings generally to myself instead of speaking up and being authoritative. A while back, I realized this challenge and have been working towards using my voice. Thanks to my Virgo tendency towards perfection and bettering oneself, as well as my Scorpio determination, I have been making progress. I have also been trying to balance my Virgo logical mind with my Scorpio feeling heart.

If anyone is interested in learning about their birth chart and what the planets say about their personalities, click here. Perhaps the planets will tell you what you need to work on in order to evolve yourself as well. If not, it certainly is a fun, interesting thing to know!

As always, peace and love.


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