Balance Your Heart Chakra

The Deer is my Heart Chakra Animal. It symbolizes gentleness and courage in the face of fear. (Art by Budi Satria Kwan)

The Deer is my Heart Chakra Animal. It symbolizes gentleness and courage in the face of fear. (Art by Budi Satria Kwan)

In one of my previous posts, I had talked briefly about chakras and the seven main energy fields we humans have. I had also mentioned when trying to align your chakras, it is wise to start with the Heart Chakra, or Anahata. There is a reason it’s called the “heart center” in yogi practices. It is where the center of our energy resides. Having this chakra balanced with aligned your other chakras in the process. So what does a balanced heart chakra look like? A balanced heart chakra allows you to feel love and compassion for others. It opens you up to empathy and respect, generosity and kindness. It lets us see the bigger picture, that we are all apart of something larger than ourselves. When our heart chakra is off balance, we may feel depressed, cold, selfish, vulnerable, dependent on love and affection, or unable to feel without a extreme stimuli.

I cannot help but feel an abundance of love and joy since opening up my heart chakra. I can appreciate the beauty and love in the tiniest of things, and every day I am filled with warmth and bliss. Opening up my heart, I am able to connect with others, create deeper relationships through empathy, and emit love and kindness to everyone I meet.

There are many ways to open up your heart chakra and balance this energy! Here are some ways to do so…

1. Meditate with Crystals

Being into healing crystals, of course I’d suggest this. These crystals have energy that resonates with our own heart chakra energy, bringing it into harmony. Try meditating with Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite, Emerald, or Jade.

2. Wearing the Colors Pink or Green

In accordance with the idea of light energy and how each wavelength of energy composes a specific color, Pink and Green are the colors associated with the heart chakra. Wearing these colors can assist in connecting to your heart chakra.

3. Eating Leafy Greens

Again with  light energy, leafy greens absorb these energies from the sun. We can harness their goodness as well! Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Romaine Lettuce all have these energies. Try having a salad for lunch with a few of these vegetables, or mix yourself a green smoothie.

4. Aromatherapy

I love my sense of smell! Some scents have a connection to our heart. Rose, Jasmine, and Sandalwood are all good examples. Just add a few drops to a hot bath or light an incense.

5. Through Sound

Chanting the word “YAM”. Keep doing this until you feel completely relaxed. The heart chakra resonates with the B note also.

6. Spending time in Nature

Taking a walk through the lush green forest, meditation in the grass or just being around the green in nature is a great way to help open up your heart. Appreciate the beauty that is Mother Earth!

7. Spend time with a Furry Friend

I love playing with my cat. Spending quality time with animals lets us embrace unconditional love, which in return helps us open up our hearts.

8. Do Something Kind without Asking for Anything in Return

Volunteer. Give a compliment. Hold the door open for someone. When we do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return, we are allowing ourselves to be selfless. More often than not, we are filled with a warm good feeling inside when we do so. Take that as a sign that you are opening up your heart.

I hope you can find one of these methods useful in your own journey of balancing your heart chakra! As always, peace and love.


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