Who Inspires You?

One of my inspirations, Mahatma Gandhi

One of my inspirations, Mahatma Gandhi

When one is on a continuous journey of bettering themselves, role models are great tools that help remind us of what qualities we wish to strengthen. For me, I look for people that inspire me. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi are a few of the people that have inspired me to better myself spiritually through the examples they have set. Their kind ways have left an imprint throughout human history and I am reminded of how to better myself by their practices. I am also inspired by many people I have met and can call friends and family. Knowing their stories and watching them overcome hurdles, I am surrounded by amazing people who I take with me in my own journey of self-growth. Having someone I respect and admire helps me when I am struggling as well. I look at those qualities I wish to emulate and put them into my own practice. I encourage you to look at who is in your life that inspires you to be a better person. What qualities can you take from that person? Maybe you are struggling to find someone in your life that you admire and inspires you…this is where history comes in! There have been many great leaders and inspirational people throughout history, each accomplishing amazing tasks. Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., they each have something unique and inspiring about them. Another good point in looking for people that inspire you is focusing on the positives. My sister is a woman that inspires me. Through her experiences, she inspires me to live my life how I choose to live in, no matter what anyone thinks. I key into her good qualities and respect and admire her as a strong lady. If I were to focus on her less flattering qualities, then I would choose to highlight these features…and that isn’t really the point of admiration, respect, and inspiration. So whoever your inspiration is to keep striving to be a better person, let them shine in a positive light and let them help you in your own journey! Peace and Love.


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