Music Is My Favorite Mistress

Know those lyrics? They’re from the song, “Music is my Boyfriend” by CSS. A little Forever 21 Pop-ish from my younger days.  I am not someone who is cut and paste, “I like pop music” or “I’m into rock music”.My taste in music is very diverse. Some days I feel like reliving the golden era of jazz with Frank Sinatra and Cannonball Adderley, some moments it’s some Latin flare, other times, it’s EDM (Electric Dance Music). I’ll rock out to iconic AC/DC and Queen, or live it up with some unheard of indie bands like The Score Official and Freelance Whales. I basically listen to whatever catches my attention and resonates in my heart. I’ve noticed that whenever I have music playing, I am instantly in a better mood. Music has this amazing ability to release emotions: sadness, happiness, anger. After these release of emotions, I feel great! I get lost in the melody and get this big smile on my face and I can’t help but to move to the beat.

Listening to music has shown to reduce stress and relieve symptoms of depression, which is why I am talking about it in today’s post. While I am sure many of us enjoy listening to music, we may not be making an effort to incorporate it into our daily life. We may just turn on the radio in the car, or listen to it while working out. Something that I have done to add more music to my life is expanding my music library, through Pandora and Soundcloud. Discovering new songs and artists makes me excited to turn on my ipod and jam out to something I haven’t heard of before. I also keep the music flowing through out my house, car, on my walks, and where ever else I have the option. Music has also helped me while practicing yoga and meditation. Since I am a sensory-oriented person, having some zen music to listen to helps put me into a relaxed, meditative mindset. It’s also great for a workout! I’ll blast a song and dance my pants off. It’s awesome cardio and you get that release of emotions as well. Sometimes, I’ll even use music if I’m already feeling blue and need a sad song to get me to cry it out. Whatever it is, music is such a positive tool! So go find a jam, and excuse me while I go rock out myself 😉


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