Kindness Is Key

I have always been a kind person. Seeing the good in others, I keep my pure heart strong even though others have tried to poison it in the past. I found a great quote the other day that goes, “Being cruel is for the weak. Gentleness can be expected from the strong”. It is no easy task not to be bitter when someone else wrongs you. Listen, I was the queen of resentment in my youth. While I would not say anything, for I was too passive aggressive to hurt someone else’s feelings, I kept my bitterness bottled inside. This did nothing to make me feel better. It only made me feel worse. Through my growth as a soul, due mainly to finding spirituality, I realize that other’s cruel actions are signs of their own personal sufferings and are a reflection onto themselves. Realizing this, I do not let other’s harmful actions and words affect me like they used to. I’ve learned to cut ties when need be, but I also learned to open up my heart more to those that are cruel. These people are the ones that need kindness and love the most. I follow the motto: treat others in the way you would want to be treated.

Working in the service industry, I deal with an array of people. Some of which can be cranky, abrasiveness and just stressful to deal with. I sometimes become caught in the crossfire of their snappiness, harshness, rudeness, etc. There was a time where I would take all of it to heart, but I have since then opened up my perspectives and thought, “maybe this person is just having a bad day”. Who knows what they are dealing with. They are choosing to act this way…I am choosing to not. I choose to be kind, positive and loving. These three qualities not only make me feel better, but typically it helps others to feel better as well. If you have a powerful good energy, most people will pick up on this vibration. Your great energy could rub off of them. If not, you can at least be an inspiration to others of how to act. Think about all the great leaders, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jesus. All these great men choose to act with love and kindness, despite the world acting so cruelly and unjust towards them. I follow their inspiring lives and live through my heart as well. If we all make an effort to love and be kind to everyone, can you imagine how that would affect the world? I’d like to believe that is possible. And we can start today! Be kind to everyone you meet. You will not only make them probably feel better, but you will as well! Love and peace everyone. Thank you!


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