A Lesson In Self-Respect

Recently I have had to let go of a negative person within my life. I tend to give these negative people the benefit of the doubt because I have a big heart and look for the good in people rather than focus on their faults. I am horrible with saying goodbyes because I choose to live a life of love rather than hate, but I also need to know when enough is enough. I felt like I was constantly bending over backwards for someone who lacked compassion and was hurtful towards me. I realize that their hurtful words are only a projection of their insecurities and personal issues, which is why I let this cycle of abuse continue. Because I am a strong enough, and caring enough person to deal with helping emotionally damaged people, I let this continue for far too long. I realized that this was unhealthy for me. Despite me wanting to be there for someone and help them, they didn’t want my help. They couldn’t see how badly they treated me and were unapologetic and lacked empathy and respect for me as a person. I decided to break this cycle and cut this person from my life. I did what I could to make them see the good. I was always kind and caring, but it took a toll on my personal well being to be caught in this manipulative cycle. I have grown so much this past year that I now have enough self-respect to walk away from something (or in this case someone) who cannot treat me like a decent human being. I took this as a life lesson. For anyone who is dealing with someone who is toxic and it causes you constant hurt and doesn’t help in your pursuit of happiness and personal well-being, learn to walk away. If you are like me, it is hard saying goodbye, but you are worth more than to be treated unfairly over and over. And maybe this is only temporary. It is just that toxic person’s lesson to grow as a individual as well, and maybe there will be a time when they will overcome their troubles and issues, but in the meantime, remove that from your life. Respect yourself to walk away from anything that doesn’t serve you, make you happy, or allow you to grow. Have a good day everyone.


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