Life: A Balancing Act

The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears ~Native American Proverb

Many people’s inner desire out of life is to be happy. Life can be sad and stressful at times, so of course we’d naturally want these feelings to go away and be permanently replaced with good ones. No one really likes being sad, angry, or in a negative mood.  These feelings are usually temporary though. It is one thing to have a negative mindset, it is another just to have a bad day. Feelings come and go.  I too have this inner desire to live a life of happiness and peace. I too would take puppy dogs and rainbows over gloomy skies and poopiness any day. We only get one life, I’d like mine to be a good one. I have realized though, that I cannot achieve this unattainable wish to be happy all the time. Through growing spiritually, I have learned that there needs to be balance in life. Yin and Yang, Good and Bad, Positive and Negative, Light and Dark. This concept ties into our feelings as well. We need those bad days in order for us to appreciate our good ones. There are some days where I feel heartache, sadness, stress…I cry and get moody. Despite my positive attitude, I too have my crummy days, and at the present moment all I can really think about is, “Wow, this sucks”. I’d just love to crawl under the covers and snuggle my cat or pour myself a glass of wine and draw up a nice hot bubble bath. But after my mood passes, I can sit back and reflect. Bad events, low moods, they happen for a reason. Perhaps that reason is for us to learn from the negative lessons and grow from them, or maybe it is for us to appreciate the joyous moments even more in our lives. I have my bad days, and they suck, but when I have my good days, I feel on top of the world. I am full of smiles and happiness. My eyes are bright with excitement and my face has a big ol’ cheesy smile. When I have these upbeat moods, it is a reminder to myself to cherish these good moments because they do not last. But neither do the bad ones. I suppose I keep repeating myself, but it is a lesson worth remembering. As the Arab proverb goes, “Sunshine all the time makes a desert”.


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