Embracing Your Weirdness

Found a feather on my walk. What better idea than to put it in my hair and play dress up.

Found a feather on my walk. What better idea than to put it in my hair and play dress up.

In general, I am quite reserved. Not quite sure if that’s a Virgo trait or just me, but once you get to know me, I shed my shyness and let my quirk out. I climb trees, play dress up, make horrible puns, dance in the rain, and just let my authenticity shine. My friends joke about my weirdness all the time, saying that I am a few fries short of a Happy Meal, etc. I joke along with it, fully aware of my goofiness, weirdness and overall uniqueness. I have long stopped caring what others think of me because I am living my life how I want to live it. I am happy and my positivity radiates to those around me. Most of the time, my weirdness makes others smile and laugh, probably because they’re thinking, “dear lord, what IS this crazy chic doing?”, but hey, I am happy that just being me can make someone’s day.

Even though I always felt like I was different, during my childhood and teenage years, I tried to mask my uniqueness in attempts to fit in. I never clicked with a certain group of people and I drifted from crowd to crowd, keeping quiet and not letting my true self out. While I managed to have a group of friends, I didn’t feel accepted for who I was, more so of who I was pretending to be. At the time, I felt it was better to go on pretending to be this person everyone wanted me to be instead of being the one who was considered “different”. Living in a town where there is little diversity, being different got you raised eyebrows and questionable glances. Not wanting this, I conformed. I conformed, but was unhappy.

It wasn’t until after college that I started to accept who I really was. Having time to myself, I was able to rediscover my interests, passions, and reflect on the type of person I was, and how amazing of a thing it is! I truly love letting my weirdness shine. I don’t even consider it as weird, I am just being me. To the rest of society though, I may seem a little weird (I prefer the term “quirky”), but I wouldn’t trade my weirdness for all the normalcy in the world.

For those of you who maybe struggling with your inner authenticity, and letting your weirdness out, I am telling you from my personal experience, that it is one of the best things that I have done for myself thus far. At first, I was swarmed with worries: what would people think, losing my friends, etc. It is true, that I grew distant from some people, but the people that truly care and love you will still be there. And who cares on what other people think? I used to think that thought all too much, but then I realized, why should I care? If they are going to judge me, that is their decision and it reflects nothing on the human being I am. I know my value and my character. Embracing your inner weirdness is also a great way to live a life of less worry and stress. Letting go of what people thought and trying to win their approval was a huge worry off of my shoulders, and I now have attracted more positive people into my life who can laugh and join in my goofy antics. Our differences are what make us unique and beautiful individuals. You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.


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