Who ya gonna call?

I have always been fascinated with life after death and the paranormal. While I have not personally had an encounter with a ghost/spirit, my mother has told me of her experiences when she was a young adult. In my spare time, I have researched haunted places, how to communicate with ghosts, and many more useful tips and insights to the paranormal. Living in a town settled in the 1800s, we have our fair share of haunted locations. Hotel Baker is one of these locations. Does the name sound familiar? It is on the national register of historic places. Louis Armstrong has played there and more recently, former playboy bunny, Jenny McCarthy married Donnie Wahlberg there. Any who, it is said to be haunted. Story goes that a chambermaid at the hotel fell in love with another employee, but when he left her, she threw herself off the building. It is said that you can hear her screams and crying in the hallways at night.

Due to numerous factors (the security, the cost of staying a night at the Baker, etc), my friend and I decided to venture to other locations within the area. Munger Road hosts another urban legend. While there are many different versions, the basic description is that a car/bus full of children got hit on the train tracks. If you park your car on the tracks at night and put baby powder on your bumper, it is said that you can see tiny fingerprints of those children trying to push your car to safety. We didn’t park on the tracks, but I did snag some photos and caught some orbs!

Two orbs in the middle right of the photo.

Two orbs in the middle right of the photo.

To some, these orbs can look like dust or light reflections, but they are the energy of spirits. Next, my friend and I went to a graveyard. While it has no urban legend behind it, I managed to capture more orb photos, and my friend felt a presence following him. A single orbMore orbs!

Haunted or not, needless to say there were a lot of spirits here, and my friend felt very uneasy due to the entity that was following him. He felt a very negative energy and had the impression that this being did not want him there. I did not feel the same way, but this could be because I protected myself before we embarked on our ghost adventure.

If anyone plans to go ghost hunting and wants to avoid the negative energies that may be present, I suggest the following:

  • Wear hematite: this stone blocks any negative energy. I wore my hematite ring, but a pendant or tumbled stone works as well.
  • Wear a pentacle: despite the general idea that a pentacle is a sign of satanism, the pentacle has been used as a sign of protection against possession.
  • Bring some sage: If you feel that some negative spirits have latched onto you, burning sage will remove these negative energies.

Happy Ghost Hunting!


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