Hug a Tree

Arteries of a Tree

Today is Earth Day! Hazzah! I am very excited about this because even though I practice respecting the planet and honoring Mother Earth day to day, today is a day that raises the awareness to other people who may not be practicing these beliefs. It is very important, I feel, to recognize the Earth as a living being (because it is). Many people seem to not think about their actions and how they affect the planet:  using plastic, littering, wasting energy, etc. Today is a great day to spread the message of preserving and protecting our planet to these people.

I encourage everyone to do your part today to make this world a little healthier! Recycle, plant a tree, bike instead of driving your car to work, turn off your lights after leaving the room….any little bit helps! Our actions today have an equal or opposite reaction in the future (Newton’s Third Law people). Okay, sure he was talking about physics, but think about it…if we do a good deed for the planet today, we maybe prone to doing another good deed in the future…and another…and another! We may start to notice a change in ourselves and the environment. Take this Earth day to start making a change! Be that change! I leave you with this piece of Native American Wisdom:

When the blood in your veins returns to the sea,
and the earth in your bones returns to the ground,
perhaps then you will remember,
that this land does not belong to you,
it is you who belongs to the land

Happy Earth Day!


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