The Choices We Make

Choices here, choices there, choices are everywhere.

Choices here, choices there, choices are everywhere.

Life consists of a series of choices:  what do eat, what to wear, what to say. Everyday we are bombarded with thousands of choices that may seem so minuscule, but what if these choices affect us more than we realize. A couple nights ago, I watched the movie, “Mr. Nobody”, starring Jared Leto. For those who haven’t seen it, the movie recounts the life events of a man named Nemo, and the choices that he made. Each choice that he has made creates a new path for his life, and watching this movie, I can’t help but wonder, “Did I make the right choices in my life?”.

There are so many things to ponder about in regards to choice. These huge “what if” statements that make us second-guess our decisions. What if I went to a different college? I probably wouldn’t be the same person I am today, because my experience there was life-altering. I probably wouldn’t even be writing this blog. And what if I accepted that job right out of college? While I’d be making more money, I’d never have gotten my job at the Crystal shop, which has had a huge impact on my life through spirituality and personal growth. I could question my decisions all day, but I have faith in the universe that everything happens for a reason. I couldn’t see these reasons at first, like my experience at college, but looking back now, I understand that without that hardship, I might have not discovered my strength, my bliss, my growth.

There are so many choices in life. Do we focus on the positives of a situation, or do we look at the negatives? Do we walk away from a situation, or try to work through it? Are we happy in life? If not, what can we change? The choice is ours.


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