Logophile (n): a lover of words

I have always had a strong interest in creative writing and words. To me, words are these lovely creatures that have the ability to sway our emotions, capture our imaginations, or change our thoughts. Words have the power to turn a sad feeling into something beautiful. There are so many ways words can be woven together to create something stunning.  Figurative language and rhyming are my favorite ways to write. When I write poetry, I am sharing a piece of my soul. There are so many benefits to writing and poetry. It is a great form of creative expression, and this week, I have been writing more so than normal.


All I have left of you is a memory,

Which I make better than it ought to be,

Because my fantasy,

Is greater than your reality.

I also like learning new words. It gives me the chance to expand my knowledge and use these words in writings and conversations. Not that I want to sound all brainy, but some of the definitions I have come across are so beautiful, it would be a shame not to use them! Take Kalopsia for example.  The definition being, “the delusion of things being more beautiful than they actually are”. If you are interested in learning some new words, I encourage you to check out my Pinterest board, “Words of Knowledge”.

Words also have the power to connect or separate us, to make us smile or hurt. I ran across this great quote that executes this:

The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart, so be careful with your words.

Recently, I have had to choose my words more carefully than I normally do. I typically am very careful when I speak or communicate thoughts and feelings with someone else, because I know how powerful words can be, so I try my best to convey myself without hurting the other person. “Be gentle with your words” is a motto I live by. Perhaps it is because I am highly empathetic and myself have been hurt by the words spoken by others. In the end though, words are only a tool. It is who uses them and how they are used that makes them beautiful or cruel.


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