Give Thanks Tuesdays

Thankful for spring and all the beautiful flowers!

Thankful for spring and all the beautiful flowers!

On every form of social media there seems to be a post dedicated to each day of the week. There is Man-crush Monday #MCM, Woman-crush Wednesday #WCW, and Throwback Thursday #TBT. Personally to me, these weekly posts seem a little silly. While yes, I agree that Ryan Gosling makes an excellent MCM, and seeing you in a diaper for your TBT is very cute, I wanted to contribute to this craze by bringing in posts with more meaning. Last Tuesday I started posting about something I was thankful for, calling it Give Thanks Tuesday #GTT. I think many people go through the daily grind without stopping to think about all the great things they have in their life and focus more so on the things that are going wrong or wishing that they had “more”. “If I had more money, then I’d be able to afford XYZ, and then I’d be happy”. Practicing gratitude is a wonderful thing because it stops us from thinking we need more in life in order to be happy.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault

So what am I grateful for this beautiful spring Tuesday? Just that! Today, the weather was absolutely lovely, and even though I worked inside for the majority of it, I was thankful that I got to go on a few walks today. The sights and smells of the flowers brought a smile to my face, and I am pleased that the days are getting longer. I encourage everyone to get on board this Give Thanks Tuesday train and post something on their social media that they are thankful for. Little by little, we can make social media a happier place by bringing some positivity to it and our own lives as well!


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