Healing Jewelry

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

My new Malachite ring paired with my Om Mani Padme Bracelet

Working at a Crystal Shop, I have been blessed with getting the chance to surround myself with positive energies and continuing to educate myself on rocks and how they can help us with our own energies. An oversimplified explanation on how crystals work is that the energy from the stone resonates in harmony on a quantum level with humans and their frequencies. New Age-y I know, but having an open-mind to this concept, I have discovered the properties of these stones and have felt their energies myself.

Take Malachite for instance. I picked up this little beauty of a ring while out yesterday at the flea market. This stone provides powerful grounding energy that helps in breaking unwanted ties, setting emotional boundaries, and is a great protection stone, absorbing negative energies, either psychic or environmental, thus removing them. I’m very excited with my find!

It’s important to always cleanse your stones before wearing and using them. Who knows what other people’s energies have attached to that stone. Think of it as buying an article of clothing, who knows who else has tried it on! There are a variety of different ways to cleanse your stones. For me, smudging with sage is my preferred method (I just love the smell!). Also, placing the jewelry or rock on a clear quartz works equally as well. If you are interested in learning more about stones and what they can do for you, check out this link: http://www.crystal-life.com/blog/what-crystals-do-how-to-care-for-them/


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